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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sep 22

People are so lame there. Calling the cops for something like the cops exist so people dont get killed by the gangs, not to ruin kids fun. But anyway. This week was great! The new missinoaries in the zone are great and we are very excited! Overall we had a great week because we were teaching a ton. And Luis Esteban was baptized! It was a great time. We prayed a lot for Luis. And Andrea, another investigator has experienced the joy of the Gospel. She feels she has found the truth. She told us that specifically. It is so wonderful to see that change in peoples lives. She has an unstable family, and bad examples, but already made friends in the church and has done her part to gain a testimony. She will be baptized Oct 5th. Hector, the retired soccer player has been working a ton and we havent been able to see him. We have another wonderful family that is progressing, Virginia and Arnulfo. He only has time Sundays but yesterday told us he believes in the Restoration. He just is way too busy and isnt home very much. Unlike the tornado back home, one thing that has been a challenge for me is not being as busy as Id like to be. There is so much I want to do...I am doing good though. I am trying to be more patient and full of charity. I love my companion. He is a great soul. I learned a lot this week. A very spiritual member who is having some challenges helping his family progress the way he wants it to was telling me what he learned and help his wife understand amidst their trial. He read in this years Joseph F Smith manual, that we often think as Latter day Saints--why? Others are being so blessed. They are able to progress and have success in work and maybe obtain things they desire or work for a little easier. But those are often times things of this world. We are aspiring for a different world. A better world. What we get here, stays here. I have heard people say this in lessons many times this week. God wants to teach me something. So if we dont attain all we want in this life, it doesnt matter if we do all we need to do to obtain Gods greatest gift. I love you momma. I dont have a lot of pics........P day is pretty slow. We study. Write our families. And we used to have district meeting on the same day but not any more. Today is the first p day of my mission without the meeting. It will now be on Tuesdays! Wooo! SO excited because now we will have time to play soccer and relax and write in our journals etc. SO it will be much more enjoyable now. Take luck! 
Elder Fanday

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