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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sep 15

He is doing better with that. He was sick Tuesday to Saturday with a throat infection and diarrhea and stuff. Poor guy. He has been sick so much in the last 3 months. So I was able to study the scriptures a lot, get caught up (almost) on my journal and letters that I started to write a couple of months ago, studied spanish. And I got more organized, cleaned the house a bit, and planned. The time went by really fast actually becasue I kept busy. And then I made sure that we would be able to do exchanges  with the members at night. So from 6-9 I was able to go out and teach and ELder Lopez could rest. The members are so awesome. On Wednesday Elder Lopez worked with me but then got more sick so he decided to get better. Good choice I think. It was actually a very productive week for me. I was able to study my Patriarchal Blessing, and put goals and plans. Our investigators are progressing well. 5 of them want to get baptized, and 4 have chosen what day. Our converts are awesome. They have callings and they help us teach and we are teaching their frineds and they pay tithing. Its a beatuiful time here. And on Sunday the Stake President came to the branch and released all of the leaders--because we are officially a ward! So we just have to work our tails off so that in 1and a half years we can divide the ward into the ward Villas and the branch Lo de bran. Because right now 100 members travel 30-40 mins to get the chapel. And so when we grow they will be able to build a chapel in Villas (thats my area). In the stake there have been very hopeful and unexpected occurences that will cause the work of salvation to increase. That is so excited for Natalie! I am a little sad to hear about that. But I am sure she was ready. When I left she wasnt doing too hot. I would have liked to have been at that funeral. She was very special to me. Lots of love from a place not too far away to you.
Elder Mc    

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