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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oct 6

Birthday? I never know what to reply. I will think about it. I also thoroughly enjoyed conference. I have never been so spiritually prepared for a conference before so I felt it was a very special one for me. I saw it live and all but one session in English. I get more out of it in my native tongue. I noticed some main focuses: we must follow the prophets and apostles and all ordained leaders, the fast is essential in zion, and we must do better caring for the poor and needy. I always thought you and dad have had a talent for watching after the poor and needy. Both in body and in spirit. And an overall call for improved righteousness in the Church. We can improve much. What a wonderful time to be alive to be able to improve so rapidly. We have all the tools we need. The work is going great. The investigators are great. Andrea Alvares got baptized after the first session yesterday. It was wonderful. We have so much work to do. We are going to be making lots of little changes in the whole mission for the better and we are improving little by little. The week went by really fast. Lots of things went down. Like interviews with President on Thursday. We were there until late. On Friday the mission council and then I went straight to Ciudad Quetzal for exchanges. And Conference. We have more investigators progressing now. One of them is Pablo. He is 14. He is sooooooooo solid! We have only had 2 lessons with him but wow he is awesome. When i saw him for the first time on the street I felt I should talk to him and his mom. And i didnt. Then i saw him again and i felt the same but i didnt. Lord was merciful and gave me 3 chances. 2 in the same day and number 3 was a success. I dont usually make it a point to contact youth but I knew the Spirit was guiding us. We talked with him and he was immediately very solid. We passed by and learned some of his family were baptized in another part of the country and have been inactive for years. But the Lord has been preparing them. You can see it. After I finshed that first interaction with him the Spirit testified to me that he would be converted to the Gospel. He read the pamphlet we left and he read it thoroughly. Last night there was a family friend at the house who was a little confrontational, and this friend asked why there are so many churches and Pablo explained the apostasy and how Joseph Smith was called to restore the Gospel. I was blown away. He testified for the truth after only reading it once. And he did it in an uncomfortable situation with a slightly buzzed man (from some beer). Just so you know mom, Ive been thinking about living here for some years after I study and get a job. I love everything about Guatemala.

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