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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oct 20

Dear mother mio, I will try to do my best right now because I feel terrible. I think I have a fever. But all is way. Its part of the journey of mortality. It will be so cool to be resurrected. I love the perfect doctrine of the Gospel. It changes us forever. Or it should at least. Rebeca (Andreas sister) was baptized this weekend. She was very happy. And said that the only thing that could impede her from being baptized was if she died. Next up is her little sister. We are teaching a lot of people and some of them are progressing well. we had 39 lessons with investigators this week. The vision is 60. We need to improve the quality of the work as well. But its exciting to be part of. The whole zone is doing well. We will have at least 10 baptisms this weekend in the zone. Little by little. My companion only has one week left in the mission and we are going to finish him very strong. I began to teach an English class Saturday morning. I didnt invite many people to strart so I could learn a little about teaching, and 6 kids came. 5 arent members. And it was a good time. Im excited to keep going and grow the class. I got pamphlets in English to give them a copy in English and Spanish so they can read and compare and learn English AND the Gospel. But I need permission slips with the kids. We also started doing 5 minute surveys to get into the peoples houses to ask questions about their beliefs, and we do it and they usually say something thats true and then testify and then they are interested. Its magic. The trick is getting in the house. If we are in, the chances of them feeling the Spirit skyrockets.

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