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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oct 13

Well this week was wonderful. Things are slowly picking up in the whole zone. And we are seeing many miracles. We took as many converts as we could to the temple on Friday to do vicarious work.  It was a wondrful experience for all. And we truly were blessed. 2 investigators went that decided they wanted to get baptized this coming weekend! Amazing! We are going to keep doing it. The temple is so special. A place of wonders. It has brought desired changes to the lives of one family especially that was struggling and fortifies everyone who went. Our investigators...well the majority are progressing suuuuuuper slowly. We have 4 that I have immedaite hope for. Pablo and Michelle who are siblings came to church and the ward swarmed them with love. It was great. We are working on working more effectively. I am going to begin teaching an English class on Saturday mornings. I am going to teach them what they need to do on their own if they really want to learn it, and give them material to read. Folletos in English and Spanish about the Gospel. Im excited. And nobody can show up without a friend. I imagine it will start off slow, but after some time I should have a good group learning about the Restored Gospel in English. Overall time is going by so fast. I am learning a lot. Lately I have been missing the life of a normal missionary. JUst needed to focus on my area. But I am able to learn a lot here from different experiences and different missionaries. I need to be more efficient is usually the response if i am not able to do everything I need to. This email was kind of lame. I am very exhausted right now. My brain isnt working realy fast. If there is anything I learned this week it is to be there for others. To lift others or help them connect with God in all moments. There is an incredible joy that comes from righteousness. It becomes something we want more and more. I have felt a hunger for it many times. It is the Spirit working in me unto repentance. I loved Elder Klebingats talk. It was sooooooo sweet! I love you guys so much! My love for you and the Savior is my motivation.
Elder McFadyen

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