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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oct 20

Dear mother mio, I will try to do my best right now because I feel terrible. I think I have a fever. But all is way. Its part of the journey of mortality. It will be so cool to be resurrected. I love the perfect doctrine of the Gospel. It changes us forever. Or it should at least. Rebeca (Andreas sister) was baptized this weekend. She was very happy. And said that the only thing that could impede her from being baptized was if she died. Next up is her little sister. We are teaching a lot of people and some of them are progressing well. we had 39 lessons with investigators this week. The vision is 60. We need to improve the quality of the work as well. But its exciting to be part of. The whole zone is doing well. We will have at least 10 baptisms this weekend in the zone. Little by little. My companion only has one week left in the mission and we are going to finish him very strong. I began to teach an English class Saturday morning. I didnt invite many people to strart so I could learn a little about teaching, and 6 kids came. 5 arent members. And it was a good time. Im excited to keep going and grow the class. I got pamphlets in English to give them a copy in English and Spanish so they can read and compare and learn English AND the Gospel. But I need permission slips with the kids. We also started doing 5 minute surveys to get into the peoples houses to ask questions about their beliefs, and we do it and they usually say something thats true and then testify and then they are interested. Its magic. The trick is getting in the house. If we are in, the chances of them feeling the Spirit skyrockets.

Oct 13

Well this week was wonderful. Things are slowly picking up in the whole zone. And we are seeing many miracles. We took as many converts as we could to the temple on Friday to do vicarious work.  It was a wondrful experience for all. And we truly were blessed. 2 investigators went that decided they wanted to get baptized this coming weekend! Amazing! We are going to keep doing it. The temple is so special. A place of wonders. It has brought desired changes to the lives of one family especially that was struggling and fortifies everyone who went. Our investigators...well the majority are progressing suuuuuuper slowly. We have 4 that I have immedaite hope for. Pablo and Michelle who are siblings came to church and the ward swarmed them with love. It was great. We are working on working more effectively. I am going to begin teaching an English class on Saturday mornings. I am going to teach them what they need to do on their own if they really want to learn it, and give them material to read. Folletos in English and Spanish about the Gospel. Im excited. And nobody can show up without a friend. I imagine it will start off slow, but after some time I should have a good group learning about the Restored Gospel in English. Overall time is going by so fast. I am learning a lot. Lately I have been missing the life of a normal missionary. JUst needed to focus on my area. But I am able to learn a lot here from different experiences and different missionaries. I need to be more efficient is usually the response if i am not able to do everything I need to. This email was kind of lame. I am very exhausted right now. My brain isnt working realy fast. If there is anything I learned this week it is to be there for others. To lift others or help them connect with God in all moments. There is an incredible joy that comes from righteousness. It becomes something we want more and more. I have felt a hunger for it many times. It is the Spirit working in me unto repentance. I loved Elder Klebingats talk. It was sooooooo sweet! I love you guys so much! My love for you and the Savior is my motivation.
Elder McFadyen

Oct 6

Birthday? I never know what to reply. I will think about it. I also thoroughly enjoyed conference. I have never been so spiritually prepared for a conference before so I felt it was a very special one for me. I saw it live and all but one session in English. I get more out of it in my native tongue. I noticed some main focuses: we must follow the prophets and apostles and all ordained leaders, the fast is essential in zion, and we must do better caring for the poor and needy. I always thought you and dad have had a talent for watching after the poor and needy. Both in body and in spirit. And an overall call for improved righteousness in the Church. We can improve much. What a wonderful time to be alive to be able to improve so rapidly. We have all the tools we need. The work is going great. The investigators are great. Andrea Alvares got baptized after the first session yesterday. It was wonderful. We have so much work to do. We are going to be making lots of little changes in the whole mission for the better and we are improving little by little. The week went by really fast. Lots of things went down. Like interviews with President on Thursday. We were there until late. On Friday the mission council and then I went straight to Ciudad Quetzal for exchanges. And Conference. We have more investigators progressing now. One of them is Pablo. He is 14. He is sooooooooo solid! We have only had 2 lessons with him but wow he is awesome. When i saw him for the first time on the street I felt I should talk to him and his mom. And i didnt. Then i saw him again and i felt the same but i didnt. Lord was merciful and gave me 3 chances. 2 in the same day and number 3 was a success. I dont usually make it a point to contact youth but I knew the Spirit was guiding us. We talked with him and he was immediately very solid. We passed by and learned some of his family were baptized in another part of the country and have been inactive for years. But the Lord has been preparing them. You can see it. After I finshed that first interaction with him the Spirit testified to me that he would be converted to the Gospel. He read the pamphlet we left and he read it thoroughly. Last night there was a family friend at the house who was a little confrontational, and this friend asked why there are so many churches and Pablo explained the apostasy and how Joseph Smith was called to restore the Gospel. I was blown away. He testified for the truth after only reading it once. And he did it in an uncomfortable situation with a slightly buzzed man (from some beer). Just so you know mom, Ive been thinking about living here for some years after I study and get a job. I love everything about Guatemala.

Sep 29

 My week was wonderful. I enjoyed it greatly. We improved a lot of things. We had 30 lessons with members and investigators are progressing well. Andrea (18) told us on Monday that she wanted to baptized. It was amazing to see her conversion. Her repentance has been very real. I have known her for 2 months now and have seen a wonderful change in her. She is so so excited to be baptized and go to the temple. We found lots of people this week that are looking very positive. Its so very true what i read at the end of the email. I havent been doing things as well as i can. I knew that and was always trying hard, but not my best. I feel greater happiness now that i committed myself to be better. yes or yes. This week was kind of crazy in some aspects. OUr converts have had some hard trials. Satan works hard on converts. Ill never forget that. One has had 2 accidents on his motorcycle in 15 days. And it was right after he broke the word of wisdom. Another was presented with a serious problem just hours after being baptized. We have much to do but we have much hope as you were talking about. Something that always helps me is to know that the Lord always wins. Im excited for conference.
Love Elder McFayder

Sep 22

People are so lame there. Calling the cops for something like the cops exist so people dont get killed by the gangs, not to ruin kids fun. But anyway. This week was great! The new missinoaries in the zone are great and we are very excited! Overall we had a great week because we were teaching a ton. And Luis Esteban was baptized! It was a great time. We prayed a lot for Luis. And Andrea, another investigator has experienced the joy of the Gospel. She feels she has found the truth. She told us that specifically. It is so wonderful to see that change in peoples lives. She has an unstable family, and bad examples, but already made friends in the church and has done her part to gain a testimony. She will be baptized Oct 5th. Hector, the retired soccer player has been working a ton and we havent been able to see him. We have another wonderful family that is progressing, Virginia and Arnulfo. He only has time Sundays but yesterday told us he believes in the Restoration. He just is way too busy and isnt home very much. Unlike the tornado back home, one thing that has been a challenge for me is not being as busy as Id like to be. There is so much I want to do...I am doing good though. I am trying to be more patient and full of charity. I love my companion. He is a great soul. I learned a lot this week. A very spiritual member who is having some challenges helping his family progress the way he wants it to was telling me what he learned and help his wife understand amidst their trial. He read in this years Joseph F Smith manual, that we often think as Latter day Saints--why? Others are being so blessed. They are able to progress and have success in work and maybe obtain things they desire or work for a little easier. But those are often times things of this world. We are aspiring for a different world. A better world. What we get here, stays here. I have heard people say this in lessons many times this week. God wants to teach me something. So if we dont attain all we want in this life, it doesnt matter if we do all we need to do to obtain Gods greatest gift. I love you momma. I dont have a lot of pics........P day is pretty slow. We study. Write our families. And we used to have district meeting on the same day but not any more. Today is the first p day of my mission without the meeting. It will now be on Tuesdays! Wooo! SO excited because now we will have time to play soccer and relax and write in our journals etc. SO it will be much more enjoyable now. Take luck! 
Elder Fanday

Sep 22-pics

Sep 15

He is doing better with that. He was sick Tuesday to Saturday with a throat infection and diarrhea and stuff. Poor guy. He has been sick so much in the last 3 months. So I was able to study the scriptures a lot, get caught up (almost) on my journal and letters that I started to write a couple of months ago, studied spanish. And I got more organized, cleaned the house a bit, and planned. The time went by really fast actually becasue I kept busy. And then I made sure that we would be able to do exchanges  with the members at night. So from 6-9 I was able to go out and teach and ELder Lopez could rest. The members are so awesome. On Wednesday Elder Lopez worked with me but then got more sick so he decided to get better. Good choice I think. It was actually a very productive week for me. I was able to study my Patriarchal Blessing, and put goals and plans. Our investigators are progressing well. 5 of them want to get baptized, and 4 have chosen what day. Our converts are awesome. They have callings and they help us teach and we are teaching their frineds and they pay tithing. Its a beatuiful time here. And on Sunday the Stake President came to the branch and released all of the leaders--because we are officially a ward! So we just have to work our tails off so that in 1and a half years we can divide the ward into the ward Villas and the branch Lo de bran. Because right now 100 members travel 30-40 mins to get the chapel. And so when we grow they will be able to build a chapel in Villas (thats my area). In the stake there have been very hopeful and unexpected occurences that will cause the work of salvation to increase. That is so excited for Natalie! I am a little sad to hear about that. But I am sure she was ready. When I left she wasnt doing too hot. I would have liked to have been at that funeral. She was very special to me. Lots of love from a place not too far away to you.
Elder Mc