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Monday, October 13, 2014

Sept 1

I am very sad to hear about Bernie. She was a good friend.  I am so glad to be able to have the privilege of preaching this good news everyday. And I am so excited because I have recently learned how to do it drastically better. Elder Duncan ( the area President. Super stud) came and gave a special conference. It was amazing! Remember how I used to talk about how the mission was very disobedient and stuff. And then Elder Ochoa came and a miracle happened and the mission improved a ton. President Stay helped us grow a ton and it was fun. And now I get to be part of radical changes again. Elder Duncan came and meted unto us the portion of light that we were ready for. And it was more than last time. We are going to go from a good mission to a great one. I know it. And President Caffaro is such a powerful leader. I know it isn't a competition but it is obvious that the more responsibility a man has in Gods Church, the more spiritual he must be. Some men just speak with such power and authority. So that is whats new here. It is going to be fun. There are many changes to help the zone bring about.  The Lord is hastening His work. The members here are helping us a ton. They are soooo awesome. We had a baptism this last weekend with Claudia. It was a total miracle. Last Saturday she got in a fight with her husband who is a member and in her anger said she didn't want anything. Then she appeared in Church with her family. What? We needed to prepare her more for her baptismal date so we needed to find her like 4 times in the week to get her ready. Because she had been praying and praying about if she should be baptized the 31st. On Monday we didn't find her all day. On Tuesday either. On Wednesday when Elder Lopez and I were walking into our sector, we saw the car there and went to see whats up. without waiting much time after the prayer and without us saying anything she told us she had received her answer. She wanted to be baptized this weekend. The spirit was so peaceful. Om Sunday she had a spiritually edifying experience, and on Monday night had a spiritual family home evening with her extended family. She had "teach me to walk in the light" stuck in her head for 2 days. And she felt the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. She had experienced what the Lord does when we repent and come to Him humbly. It was amazing. She was very emotional and nervous because she is scared of water. But she did it like a champ. I wish I could be here for their sealing in a year. But alas. The Lord has blessed me enough just by letting me be here. Love you mom. A lot.
 Elder McFayden