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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 7

Dear Family, It certainly has been tough lately.  We cannot figure it out. We are working very hard and having less and less success in what we measure as missionaries. We have no progressing investigators. We are searching diligently for a family. The branch needs a good family. It could be that we will reactivate, or baptize, but we will see. Either way its going to happen. Maybe not when I'm here but it will happen.  In the meantime we will just keep working our hardest. I wake up and sleep very satisfied.  Not always as much as 'Id like to be. But what does bother me is the lack of success. And it is in our whole district. 3 of the 4 areas have no baptismal dates. And overall things are very difficult. Break. I read all of the emails I got this week which were very uplifting, and I feel many of you received little bits of inspiration to combine together to give us a better direction. The thing that is hard here is that we really are expected to baptize. It is one of the most direct commandments Jesus ever gave to His Apostles. I once again have soooo little time to write anything but know that I am having very good experiences. I had an incredibly spiritual week despite all the challenges and testimony has grown a lot. I love this Gospel so much! It is so dang cool. One thing I have time to share is something Elder Ogden from my district shared with me on divisions. His Stake Pres told it to him. God is like a man who owns land. We rent the land to grow crops. The potatoes that grow are the sins and errors we make grow. Christ is the buyer. He buys ALL of our "potatoes", and if we don't give them all to Him, we will be brought to justice by the law. What a cool analogy right? Love you so much, I want to write more. I really do. But I cant. Love Elder McFadyen    

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