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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 28

Hello my family!  It certainly has been a wonderful week. I enjoyed it a lot. I got all the things you sent me! Thank you so much! I am so excited to have a harmonica again!  We had many problems in the district. One companionship was sick and not getting along well at all. One companionship struggling with their enthusiasm. There has been lots of opposition. Things have been hard in our area as well but we are very optimistic and loving the work. We are loving it despite the problems. It is like you once told me mom. That's how life is. In church Sunday the Elders Quorum Pres asked me in class, something along these lines...ok we all think the gringos don't have problems but Elder Mc tell us what kind of struggles you have. What kind of problems. I couldn't really give him an answer and I remembered something I have always known that I am incredibly blessed. I realized that here what has been the greatest affliction for me is the pain and problems of others. They sometimes really weigh me down. Especially in my area. There is just so much sin. So many people want to leave from it but not badly enough to overcome the enemy and accept the help Christ sends. I have compassion. Fulfillment of a certain special blessing I once received. We did have a great experience with one investigator this week however who is super solid. His name is Oswaldo. He listened to us and really wanted to know if what we  taught was true. He has been to just about every church you can think of and said he quickly learned the doctrine wasn't correct or complete. He was praying earnestly to know of the truth from God. He is very poor. Very very poor but intelligent. Those 2 things don't usually go so much hand in hand. So since he has been praying about these things he has gotten job offers for showing accountability and honesty. He will be able to support his son better. He is a widower. And he got another odd job as well. He told us straight up that if he hadn't gotten a response from God with that first job offer out of nowhere, he would have just hid from us forever. He is progressing. We have another investigator who is very Catholic. Like super active. And he also really wants to know this is all true. Anyone who really captures even a small concept of this Restored Gospel does because its perfect. It comes from God. So he was on his way to visit the church yesterday when someone from the Catholic church stopped him and gathered from the facts, where he was, what he had on etc, that he was headed to the "Mormon" church. He began to tell him how he would lose his position in the Catholic church and give him confusion. We are going to fast for him this coming month. He is seriously so confused he doesn't know what to do. It would change his life sooooo dramatically...the price of discipleship has always been high as the modern prophets teach. I am trying to come closer unto Christ. That is always the solution to any problem. Love Elder Mc
ps I love this volcano  


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