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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July 21

YaY!  This week was  a great one. Every week would seem very hard if we were not doing the Lords work. Of this I am certain. The district is great. That is a wonderful idea. I imagine you guys being the best missionary couple ever. One of the packages got to my Zone Leaders but I dont have it yet because we haven't seen each other. It was open when it got there. All that was in it was the photo album least in this part of Guatemala where we are at we are in this period called the canicula. It hasn't rained much for 2 weeks and won't for another 2 weeks. I miss the rain. I love it. When it is raining I just wear my amazing rain boots from Walmart and carry my little umbrella and I stay dry but not too dry. It actually feels good to be a little wet. I am great. I  don't need anything. You let me go well prepared momma. I learned something extremely valuable last Tuesday on exchanges with Elder Ogden. I was feeling very overwhelmed with a lot of things last Monday and felt like I needed to work like a psycho Energizer bunny to do everything. I was very calm on the division because I get along super well with this Elder but I think he was inspired to talk about how Christ and his more experienced servants like the apostles are never running around like crazy going ok i need to do this and that and this!  No, they are always calm. Christ nevr rushed. He worked efficiently and did no more or less than he knew was needed. We found lots of wonderful mew investigators this week. I think in August we will have at least 4 baptisms. And the branch will grow. We have been working very hard and trying to do eveything under the direction of the Holy Ghost. It is a wonderful time to be here. I feel very very priveleged. I love you tons mom. Youre the inspiration! Thanks for teaching me to be positive!
Love Elder Mc

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