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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Aug 4

Hi mom, I'm doing great. I'm very happy, I'm loving the work. I have good goals and I'm excited to improve. I got Laurens wedding photo album and I love it!   She is so beautiful and so happy. I also got your package! Thank you so much!  The food is so delicious!  And Elder Coronado likes healthy stuff so he was happy too. This last week was a great one. It went by super fast because of things happening always. Last Monday we had district p day and it was super fun. We played volleyball and soccer with youth in the zone leaders branch, and just had a good time.   We had interviews with President Caffaro and his wife.  I love them!  They are super different from President and Sister Stay.  They are more loud .  A little less spiritual but I'm sure they will get there. They are from New York. He is a BYU football coach, and a Wall Street do it all man. He left recently from his position as a BYU athletic director. I'm going to be able to learn completely new things which I'm excited about.  He has a real sense of urgency. Like what are we waiting for lets go change the world! kind of attitude.  I like it. In the interviews.   He thanked Elder Bednar for his sacrifice and Elder Bednar said, "sacrifice?" looking around at evryoone there.  "I get to" he said. "I get to be here with you.  I get to dedicate temples and be a missionary my whole life. It is a privilege." We have the privilege to be missionaries.  He also mentioned (Elder Bednar) that we may sometimes think that we are hastening the Lords work. The Lord is hastening the Lords work. We have to try to keep up.  No one ever thought the Iron Curtain would come down. And now there are temples in Russia and Germany and Ukraine. The bamboo curtain will come down. And we need to be ready. Super interesting right?! I was hit the truth of what he said. Directly after that we began divisions with a companionship that was struggling a lot to get along. They had almost stopped working because of their differences. So we had a good division and they were able to relax and then the next day we did a little council between the 4 of us. We first had separate interviews, my comp with one elder and I with the other, and we talked about the good things about the companion and what they would like to improve. Without boring you about the details it was a little miracle. They began to work and are pressing forward again. You really had to see how they before and after that intervention. The  branch went to the temple, and we helped one of our converts do geneology so we went as well. It was an awesome day. We left at 5 am and got to the temple at about 7 am. Then we were in the temple basically from 8-2. I had never been in the temple so long helping. It was very special and I certainly gained more love for the House of the Lord.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we had less distractions and we worked well, helping people come to Christ. There is one family we are especially hopeful for. The mom is a member but when she moved here 30 years ago from a place called Xela, the Church wasn't here so she is inactive, and is now more or less Catholic. But she and her husband and 2 teenage daughters are intelligent, beautiful people who love the truth they have learned so far and really love the idea of an eternal family. What family doesn't? There is nothing better than the true Gospel of Christ. We have another investigator who drives about an hour to come to church every Sunday, with his pal who is a member who moved from another part of the country. They are awesome!  He will be baptized in August. He just needs to be taught. And we have other wonderful people we are working with but the most interesting thing is that both my companion and I will both be leaving for other areas...I was shocked last night when I was informed. But the Lord has plans for us and the others who are coming here  and I don't think it will be difficult for them to pick up where we left off. I think Sisters are going to come to the area. But at any rate, we are leaving. I love you lots! We will see where I write you from in a week. :) Always an adventure 
Love Elder Mc 

PS-If you want to fortify your testimony quickly and understand the basics of the Church. Read Our Search for Happiness from the missionoary library. Its wonderful. I think Emily and Sarah would also benefit.   

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