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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Aug 22

I loooooooved that video from Ash and Braden! I'm doing great. Truly. Its fun to get to know more of the missionaries.  I am finally unpacked and we have cleaned a ton and organized everything better. There is not much left to do and we will be able to function at full gear. We are able to proseyite a lot actually. We just need to be more efficient with our time. Because we travel a lot. I have been able to read a lot on buses. It isn't like Nueva Santa Rosa. We don't preach in the buses. The city is different. Soooo different. But my area is a little paradise. We do work a lot with the district leaders and focus a ton at night on the zone and there is no time for anything hardly in the night time. But I am learning to be more efficient. Crazy to think of Sarah as a sophomore. Emily a working woman! I have always known I would fail miserably in any position as a missionary. But I learned to trust that the Lord can do anything if we trust in Him. So I haven't been stressed at all, or worried. I worry about some companionships sometimes but the Lord has a great future planned in the Zone of Miracles. (Zona Milagro). Where i live is called Las Villas de Milagro. It is like a suburb of the city. Like a Loomis you could say. Small. Peaceful. The people are wonderful. Members are wonderful. I think it is the biggest branch in the world. 152 people in church last Sunday. The youth and the Primary ought to focus on inviting friends to church. Kids are sometimes more receptive. The missionaries knock doors there? They can prayerfully search guidance for some streets that should tract. I read that in a cool booklet I found in the secretaries house after finishing exchanges with the assistants. I loved divisions with one assistant Elder Lopez. He was my zone leader for a change when I was in Nueva Santa Rosa. And I was able to learn about how to make every interaction with others an uplifting experience for them because of the Spirit. It is very inspiring to hear him teach. He does so with power and authority. Truly. And yet he is very humble. I have much to learn still. My spanish will improve still. I will become a better leader. My mission pres is awesome. He wants every missinoary to be a leader. Leaders without titles. As members of the Lords Church, we all need to be leaders. Christ was the best leader the world has ever known. And we must strive to be like Him. Time is flying so fast! Its like Ill write you again in only 3 days! Love you mom! So much!
Elder Mc    

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