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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 14

I  am very grateful for the temple. Right now we are working to get our converts to the temple and other members that have not yet been. It is such an important place for every member of Christs church to be. One of my companions once told me that I never stopped. I realized that it was because of the example my dad has given me. He never stops. He is always doing something. Time is precious, and he values that. Last weekend like 9 days ago we were fasting and praying that we would find a family who is ready to receive the Gospel. We found them on Wednesday. That are the best family. So humble. So ready. Again God blessed us immensely. He always does. We are very excited for this family because the branch really needs it. It has been a challenge for this branch to progress. By the numbers it hasn't progressed in about 20 years. But now is the time. Little by little we can see the Lord working. We have found less actives to help as well. A member finally showed us where the ones who are close live. The majority live far away. But we have work to do. This week we felt very much aided by the Spirit. In everything we do it is so important that they He is with us. We talked with one woman who at first didn't want to know anything because she already had her church. But we felt to testify to her that there is no other place where she can learn about and become an eternal family. That caught her interest and we will be going to vist her family this week. Without the Spirit, we are like any other salesman on the street. And the fasting of our whole district has brought forth fruits. It is an exciting time to be here. We are happy and working hard. We are facing some very sad and difficult challenges concerning certain people. Sin truly is spiritual poison. I wish so badly I could just teach everyone even just the basics, and just with that they would be able to avoid so much heartache. And they would avoid causing so much damage. I love you so much I will make you proud this week. I am going to become more consegrated to the Lord. It is a personal commitment we have to make. Even though I have already covenanted to do it. Until I really grab hold of it and dedicate myself to it, it is only a convenant I am not living up to. Have a wonderful week. Have fun spreading the Gospel (the means of salvation)
Love Elder Mc 

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