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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 2

Family, This week was wonderful! It has begun to rain a lot. On Friday we were completely soaked as we normally don't need more than our rain coats, but this rain was hard and was long and we had people to teach so we just walked around completely soaked for several hours and left a big puddle in one family's home. It was fun. We saw lots of little miracles. We found LOTS of new people to teach. The trick is finding the elect of God. But it has been fun. We are improving in many ways. We are finding ways to interest more people in our message and many are accepting. Our next week is already completely planned which is nice. We teach a lot. But we need to work better with the members. We are also strenthening the branch as much as we can. We will have a movie night every 3 weeks for the next while showing first the restoration, then the testaments, the Bible videos, then whatever follows. It will be fun. It is fun. I am trying really hard to develop more charity as well. Frankly I'm not very good at it and I pray a lot, but I need to learn something more before I improve I think. My comp is great, I know we would not be having such great progress if he wasn't so great. He is very loving and always positive and smiling. I am so excited for the future! I hope I can be able to strengthen this area enough that it keeps growing. Sometimes I feel like Alma and want to just have an audience where I preach as with a trumpet and all those who want to know the truth can just flock. But that is not how the Lord wants it to be right now. I love you all so very much. It makes me very happy to hear about all the progressions of your lives, and I can't wait to hear about all your bright futures!
Elder Mc 

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