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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23

 Mom I understand that this has been a crazy time. That's very interesting to me because I have been praying that gma would be able to recover quickly not knowing she needed it as much as she did. Cool experience. First of all happy late Fathers Day dad. Dang dad. Dooby dong dad you dog. In short., I love you tons. Truly. And for that I will tell you about here which I know you want. This week we had a training meeting with President Stay. He is an incredible man. Become Facebook friends with him or something. He is amazing. He should be home in about 3 weeks. Our new mission prez couldn't come tomorrow because of something he had to take care of so we get President Stay 3 more weeks:)  We have really come to love him tremendously. He has taught us sooooooooooooo much. I am eternally grateful to know him and Sister Stay. She is also incredible. They basically taught us about life before they went. I feel so blessed. I learned to be more loving this week with my comp. I have been able to focus more on strengthening myself and the companionship due to the fact that we aren't having much success finding people who are ready to receive the truth. I am learning to listen to the Spirit more and be more organized. I learned a tooooooooon this week. It was great. And the future is bright. I really want to see growth in the branch and lives changed. I think that is what's coming up in this next change that we are about to begin. At least for one person. I love you lots my momma!  I have to go already! The time goes too fast!    

June 16

Hello,  I imagine the summer of insanity (fun) has gone into full swing already. How is Bon Bon?  I have not been thinking of home in a longing way or anything but for some reason I have been comparing the opportunities. The children especially have it so different. Depending on which little village they live in, they may run around the dirt streets all day barefoot, or they may stay inside an all concrete ugly home all day. It is extremely different. Many people are taught the apostasy that this Earth is hell. Because I have seen that there can be heaven on Earth and I have read the scriptures I know that isn't true. But some people truly have hellish lives. Or at least lives filled with difficulties. I don't want this to depress anyone because they are blessed immensely spiritually with a love, trust and fear of God among other things. But it has made me count my blessings for the joyous life I have lived. The peaceful life. We had an excellent week. My companion and I are working very well together. It isn't all easy for me. I need to love him more.. But overall it is great. We are seeing the Lords hands in many ways and feel his guidance. I feel very blessed lately. The Lord has been trying to teach me a ton and I have the opportunity to learn a ton. I love being able to see my progression. It is one of many blessings i receive. I love you all. I love Guatemala and its people tremendously. Spread sunshine:)
Elder Mc       

June 9

Mom, you certainly speak words of wisdom.  I know what you say to be true mother. Us missionaries can be fantastic. We can speak to hundreds of people about the Gospel, but we are still missionaries. Who are the people going to listen most to? Their friends who they trust and see have lives full of good works. We have been having many difficulties with that. We will find many new investigators but so many of them will quickly fall to the way side without an extra support. Whether it be from lies from family and friends, or the lack of will power to overcome Satan and read and pray and go to church. While when they have someone to help them do these things. To overcome Satan--they are much more easily able to overcome their challenges and come to the truth. I am learning a lot about how to be a better missionary and disciple of Christ. Yesterday i was extremely overwhelmed. We have been working so hard and not seeing as much fruits as we were hoping for. We had one investigator in church. Prayer has power.  
Lots of love! 
Elder Mc

June 2

Family, This week was wonderful! It has begun to rain a lot. On Friday we were completely soaked as we normally don't need more than our rain coats, but this rain was hard and was long and we had people to teach so we just walked around completely soaked for several hours and left a big puddle in one family's home. It was fun. We saw lots of little miracles. We found LOTS of new people to teach. The trick is finding the elect of God. But it has been fun. We are improving in many ways. We are finding ways to interest more people in our message and many are accepting. Our next week is already completely planned which is nice. We teach a lot. But we need to work better with the members. We are also strenthening the branch as much as we can. We will have a movie night every 3 weeks for the next while showing first the restoration, then the testaments, the Bible videos, then whatever follows. It will be fun. It is fun. I am trying really hard to develop more charity as well. Frankly I'm not very good at it and I pray a lot, but I need to learn something more before I improve I think. My comp is great, I know we would not be having such great progress if he wasn't so great. He is very loving and always positive and smiling. I am so excited for the future! I hope I can be able to strengthen this area enough that it keeps growing. Sometimes I feel like Alma and want to just have an audience where I preach as with a trumpet and all those who want to know the truth can just flock. But that is not how the Lord wants it to be right now. I love you all so very much. It makes me very happy to hear about all the progressions of your lives, and I can't wait to hear about all your bright futures!
Elder Mc