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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar 10

That is all so fun! Our lives are amazing. It's very fun to hear about everyone. It's very true, I feel like I've been loaded with deep doctrine ever since I got Elder Jimenez. I never cared for it much, but its growing on me and helping me understand everything a little bit more how God knows everything to be. Missions are awesome. We are finding new people and our investigators are progressing. We have 7 people with baptismal dates right now, 6 came to church and everything looks very positive. The Lord is blessing the area a ton because of our efforts. Its wonderful to see. And we always improving. This week I learned a lot. It was sometimes a struggle getting members to teach with us but we did it, and now we need to teach more in their houses where the Spirit is stronger. Time is flying. We are trying to help people more with family history. its really hard here sometimes because of the lack of records and illiterate people. But its been fun and we have started trying that, and I'm excited to keep moving forward with that. On Friday we had a multi zone conference with Pres Stay. It was awesome! He was stressed because of some wild last minute changes because Elder Falabellas wife died and the Area Presidency changed up some things for us, but he asked us to pray for him, and soon the Spirit was really strong. We learned a ton. I have never been in a meeting with Mission South where the Spirit was like that. I could feel the improvement. The mission is improving a ton. Partly because the bad missionaries are mostly old and going home finally, and everyone else is improving overall. Including myself. I feel that I've become a much capable and better missionary in the short time i have been with elder Jimenez in this change. After conference our investigators were sick. We thought we would give maybe 2 blessings, and ended up giving 7. The whole family turned out to be sick, and their health improved greatly overnight. The next day we gave 2 more blessings and yesterday gave 4!  We don't seek opportunities to boast the priesthood or anything, but it is a wonderful chance to exercise that serving power of God. On Saturday we seemed to encounter all the most prideful people in our area, so that was kind of difficult. but despite that we have awesome investigators. I love them all so much! Saturday night I was dying to watch a movie my comp has called How Rare a Posession about the Book of Mormon. It was super awesome! I recommend it if you haven't seen it. I love you all! I love this work and being able to see miracles.
Love Elder Mc    

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