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Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 5

We are super blessed its true. I love all of our family. We are number 1. Speaking of blessings I will be Skyping this Sunday! Maybe a phone call. We will see. Church is at 1 now right? And we have church in the morning so we might have to wait til later. We will see. I'm not sure what the time difference is anymore because of daylight savings. It doesn't exist here. So we finish church at 11 here, and have baptisms after church at 11 30 to probably 12 30. And then maybe we could skype from 1 to 1 40. If that doesn't work we can do it later. I know dad will be busy too so whenever works. I will be able to check to what you reply on Sunday morning I think. Ya I really feel for those missionaries in the States. They are practically helpless without the members. And if the members don't help they have nothing. At least I think. And just be yourselves, but be bold. People notice that we mean business when we are bold and they realize this is serious life changing stuff. I personally believe the Lord is preparing people for us all to invite and help be baptized and endure to the end. For every single member there is someone waiting to be invited. They just don't know what they are waiting for. Here people just keep popping up. Its incredible. The Lord is preparing so many. Its a privilege to be part of. Right now things have been slow because my comp has lost a lot of desire to be obedient and work hard. But its very likely I will get a new in a week and we will see what happens...if my comp wants to work and love the people and be obedient I know we will have even more success here. I tell you there is no one like the Guatemalans. This Tue Wed and Thurs a bunch of gringo doctors came here to the Catholic church in my area to treat the people for free. 8 of the gringos in my zone translated for the canches. It was a cool experience but I remembered how different Americans are from Chapins (Guatemalans). I am excited for this Sunday we will have 2 baptims, a wedding Saturday for one woman to get baptized Sunday and then I will get to talk with you my mother! Its a wonderful life isn't it. This week we had 70 people in church! A record I think for this branch. When my comp got here 7 months ago it was 20. Nothing can stop the work! Its so much fun to be part of. And my comp has taught me a lot to make things more happy and lively. I never thought i would lose that but I kind of did. Its still hard for me. Because its the most important work on the planet. But there is a balance in all things. I am sorry to the many people I haven't been able to write things are crazy busy here and there is very little time to actually focus on writing people because of things the mission wants on Mondays etc. But I haven't forgotten you all! Love you all very much and I wish i could send you the love the Guatemalans have. They are incredible humans. I hope one day I merit the title of Guatemalteco. 
Elder Mc
ps- hopefuly next week i will have time to relate cool experiences.   

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