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Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19

Dear Mom, how do you always manage to write some inspirational? Always. I have enjoyed reflecting on how much I have improved in my time here. And it is exciting to think of how much I still can. This week was a hard one. I will start with the bad news.  Tuesdauy morning we woke up at 4 40 to get to the capital by 8 30 for changes. In this whole process, between switching memory cards out of my camera to take pics for my comp (his camera broke), and traveling and being tired, I lost my memory card that has all the pictures I have taken since the beginning of my mission. Anyone who reads this will think I am dumb and I feel dumb too. And I learned about websites where I could have put my pics after losing it etc. Being completely honest when I really knew I had lost it I fell to the ground in sadness and prayed. Those pictures were very special to me and had a lot of love and fondness attached to them. My new comp was a hard adjustment, and now I'm District Leader, and lots of difficult things were happening with all of our investigators. It was a rough week. The memory thing really bugged me a lot for like 2 days and then a little for the next. But I learned a lot. Almost 100% of the people on Earth have problems much bigger than a lost memory card. So this made me put myself in all our investigators shoes more. I think I understand their pain more. But the difficult week is behind me and the future is bright. My comp is young. 4 and a half months out.  He is from Ecuador. He is ready to roll. Keep moving Forward.
Vincere vel mori! 
Love Elder Mc   

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