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Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12

Mom that was an inspiring letter. I can hardly begin to describe how thankful I am for you and all you have sacrificed for me. And still sacrifice. Your example is truly one to follow. I know our principal example is the Savior. But I know he is happy to see those who become much like him become guiding lights as He is. We cannot have too many good examples. I love you so very much mother. Now I know you want to hear about whats going on here. And the answer is lots of miracles. Let me start with Reina. We first contacted her niece who is inactive and her family, and one day she just showed up. Turns out she was very depressed. Her husband left her with two teenagers and a baby almost about to enter the world. We really didn't feel we would be the best ones to help her for now, so we asked the help of the Relief Society and now she is practically a member already. She told us that ever since she knew us a random acquaintance began coming to her house everyday and helping her with the many chores there are to do. A helping angel. She will probably be baptized at the end of the month or in June. Then another woman Feliza just started seeing blessings after going to church. Her children who she is separated from had a miraculous change of heart and went from almost despising her to loving her. Saul contacted us one day at a recent converts house. Yes you read that right. He contacted us. He has a million legitimately serious problems in his lief but has found incredible relief in his soul through the teachings of Christ found in the Book of Mormon. Every time we are with him he expresses such gratitude for helping him found joy, and he is so happy. It is an incredible blessing to know him. Juan, the husband(not married yet) of the niece of Reina told us that he feels something very different when we come over and everything we teach seems to stir his soul. He cant attend church regularly because of studies, but i know the Lord can work more miracles so that he can enter the Kingdom of God. We were teaching a white guy with blue eyes like me, and he had left his former church. He loved everything we taught him, and he felt closer to the Lord. We inspired him to return to his old church. We couldn't bring him to the full truth at this time but we helped him at least find the Savior more in his life. Haha. Nora is the niece of Feliza and she also was left by her husband and is currently pregnant and has a 10 yr old daughter. She felt the Spirit working in her enough without being taught much that she one day asked us what she needed to do to get baptized. Brenda got baptized yesterday. She and her husband (they got married on Saturday) read all of 1 Nephi 3 and that turned their hearts from thinking oh ya lets get married! I love you and I wan to keep the commandments. Britney (I changed her name) also got baptized yesterday. Her husband was murdered about a month ago. And  before she did she very bad things. She found incredible joy and hope in the Plan of Salvation and applied the Atonement in her life and made a radical change. It has been incredible to be here. My companion has been sick a lot so things were slow a lot but the Lord has been pouring out his blessings on those who have sought or needed Him. I will send pictures next week! I love you so much!
Elde Mc        

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