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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar 31

I did have a wonderful week. It was totally nuts but wonderful. We had the normal missionary load, plus a baptism to plan (our ward mission leader doesn't really know what he is doing. poor guy), and a large ward missionary activity. Nothing worked out as planned hardly. There was nobody to baptize Mario that we had planned on coming, and he had asked me to baptize him. It was a cool privilege. Sadly I have changes tomorrow. I don't know where I'll be but I'm really going to miss my area. The beauty, the weather, the members, investigators. Everything. but the Lord said its time. I nearly cried this morning goodbye to some people. I imagine I'll cry tonight. But I'll love the future as well. After the baptism we stayed up at the chapel for the activity we planned. Many things didn't work as planned. We had to improvise a lot. The bishop hadn't been helping us much and we think he was testing us in a wise way. when we were super stressed and lost and couldn't do anything more and he knew it, he jumped in and so did the young men's president and I ended up being able to testify in front of a lot of members and 25 ish investigators. It was a special experience. 5 people from our area came on the bus up to the chapel and 2 of them seem super positive. I know my comp Elder Jimenez will rock the area! I know the life back home is probably crazier than it is here. Conference is going to be soooooo sweeet! So excited! I have no idea where Ill be watching it from. It will be so weird to be in a different area. Our area is pretty crazy for investigators. He has a lot of power and apostasy here. So the people ALWAYS get opposition from him when they begin learning about the gospel. Mario who got baptized this weekend got in 3 car crashes in the last 2 weeks, work has been crazy hard and he is just amazing. Rosa who got baptized last week lost a close family member. Ana who will probably be baptized in 2 weeks has been being bombarded by any Evangelical or catholic who even slightly knows her to not listen to the Mormons! And the list goes on and on. got to go! Love you so much!

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