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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar 3

That is an incredible story mom! Miracles do happen! Its true! Its obvious Parker has a lot of faith. This week I've been seeing things I need to improve. My companion is a master of the Scriptures, and I realized that I need to be able to help others with them as well. So I have revised my study plan in the morning to amp up my learning. Yesterday we had stake conference and I saw the Smileys again! Elder Amado came. I loooooove the way he teaches. I learned a lot about prayer. He talked about some deep doctrine. I feel I've been surrounded by conversations with the long time members in our ward and my companion. And it has got me thinking about Alma 12:9 a lot lately. The mysteries of far as the work is concerned, it is going great. It is quite difficult. We have left a lot of investigators. It is sad but it has to be done. My area honestly is just filled with apostasy and the influence of Satan. There are drunk men everywhere, lots of "evil traditions of their fathers", but we are doing our best, and I think in time this area will be extremely fruitful. But this work truly requires time. 2 years is too short. I love you lots! Lots and lots! Love Elder Mc

Ps-just so you don't worry, I'm super happy, my comp and I are great friends, and the Lord is blessing me tremendously be able to learn and grow. 
Pss-our mission overall is improving a lot. Its wonderful to see! Obedience has improved, and wickedness is being burnt away. As a result we are baptizing more and more. And we will keep bringing souls unto Christ! What a marvelous work. It just amazes me. 

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