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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar 24

I love and appreciate your testimony so much mom. There are not many people in this world with as strong of a testimony as you. It strenghtens me and makes me so so grateful for your example. This week has been good. We had a baptism this weekend, and it was wonderful. and we have another super super stellar investigator who will get baptized this weekend. He is very intelligent and rich, and loves the Gospel so much after only knowing about it for 3 weeks. He just eats up all the pamphlets and manuals from church and the Book of Mormon. So all we do is answer his questions because he knows everything he needs to do from doing his homework. He is super fun to teach. And he is already being a missionary trying to help his family know the truth as well. Yesterday we had Sunday lunch with a gringo family who works in the embassy here but serves in our ward so we got to go to their super nice apartment with an insane view. It was needed I must say. This week was super stressful planning for th baptism and an activity we organized for this weekend after Marios baptism that is designed to show people a good time, food and The Testaments movie. And hopefully lots of references. And organizing things here is much harder than at home. Technology is not the same. And lots of people have phones but never answer or lots of other things. But its all good. We are working hard. Lots of our investigators are losing interest, but we will find those who are ready. We have 4 investigators who have wanted to get baptized for months but cant until they go to church and their family wont let them. And they go to a town with their family every weekend so they need to go there and get baptized there. They are 11, 13, 14 and 15, and we fasted with them that their families hearts would be softened. And last night they told us their family said they could go to church in 2 weeks! For conference! So cool. The principles of the Gospel are so powerful. I'm learning so much. I need to know the scriptures more for sure, and be more humble. The stress has made me a little more impatient this week. But Ill get better. Life is so good! both here and wherever we are in the world. It is just wonderful. 
Love you all. So proud of you all! You are the best family. My family
Elder mc  

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