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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mar 17

Sounds like a tough thing gram. I'm sorry hear about the difficulty but I know God has a plan. Sure sounds insane at home right now. It feels crazy in the ward here as well, Satan is working really hard. He has had success with the members and that is affecting the whole area, so we are going to be trying to strengthen the members a lot more lately. There have also been wonderful successes and everything looks very positive. And I have a complete faith in that as we strive to help the members everything will improve. I'm very excited for this area and a little sad that Ill be leaving most likely in 2 weeks. The work this week was a trial. everything seemed to be falling. We are being rejected more than normal. I think it is partly because of the iniquities of some members, and the people hardening their hearts. Lots of things didn't work out. But we did our best and the Lord taught us we need to help the members more. I kind of feel like Paul going to call some people to repentance and strenghtening the understanding and determination of others. We have some very positive investigators right now. We should have Rosas baptism this Saturday because it didn't happen this weekend due to hecticness from her cousins death. And the next week Mario--future leader of the church and Ana should be ready for baptism. Mario loooooooves the Book of Mormon and just eats up everything we give him. He reads and understands and has so much faith. Its inspiring. He said he hasn't gotten a firm answer about the Book of Mormon yet, but he feels its because he hasn't sacrificed or fasted...he came up with that on his own! He is so cool! And despite his money he is very humble. He drives a BMW and everyone one else carries wood on their back with a strap on their forehead. he is the best! And Rosa is being very strong despite the death of basically her brother. Ana got an eyebrow piercing...don't know why but she is also very positive and hope to have her ready for the 29th. And we have lots of other positives now. I love my companion. He has taught me so much. I just keep learning. I hope I stay here another change. How is Trish? Mark? The Ladoges and the Gliddens and Madi and Marge? Does anyone know a story about one of our ancestors they can send me? Id love to be able to share it with people here. Also I was wondering how much it would cost for a harmonica to be sent? I gave mine to my trainer and I really have been missing harmonicizing. I bought a recorder for about $3 to fill the void but it isn't the same. I love you all so much! Ps I realize my emails are kind of lame but I keep a pretty decent journal so don't stress. If you want to know good details, you will get them.

Love Elder Mc  

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