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Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26

Mom, This week was wonderful. I have really been trying to improve a lot of things, and I noticed something intersting. I came to a point where I was more complacent in everything. I didn't really strive with all I had to improve, and I wasn't super happy. I was doing what I needed to and working hard but I felt I had lost my drive o improve always. It was a strange learning experience as I think I've mentioned. But this week as I've really strived to improve and I've seen more of my weaknesses and had the mindset of being consecrated to the Lord, I've been much happier, and I've been able to bring joy to others. Both in the Word of Life that we bring, and in my personality. We had an incredible zone conference with President Stay and the Assistants that boosted me up a ton. I was sick the whole time and it was from home in a place called Jutiapa, but the Spirit was keeping me atentive and I was able to be focused and be uplifted the whole time. Pres Stay only has a few weeks until he goes home. I am sad to see him leave because I have come to love he and Sister Stay a lot. But its the way it is. I have pretty much gotten over the gastritis I had the first week of the change. That made the work harder too, but now  I am much better. My comp and I get along very well. He is very easy to get along with. Its fun because he has a lot of faith so I think we will be able to do a lot of good here together. Our little branch is going to grow and flourish! I know it! I feel I am improving so that is fun. I have to go already but I love you lots. And lots. And I won''t be losing any pictures ever again haha. 
Elder Mc

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