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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feb 3 and Feb. 7

Do not worry. I live. I write on Friday. P day got moved because we are going to the temple that day and I still had to come to the chapel for the ZLs to send in information cause we have the keys, so thats all I can say. Loves.Me. 
 Ah my goodness I'm exhausted right now. We got up at 5 20 today to go to the temple, and it was an adventure to get there. This whole week has been an adventure. We have a baptism tomorrow! We are so excited for her! Getting her interview was tricky. We had divisions for 2 whole days ( i was wearing smelly clothes for that time and then to the temple, in an area with a new Elder from Idaho who knew less about his area than I did. It was hard because they had almost nothing planned those 2 days I was there. But we worked hard and the Lord made things happen. I feel like Im not improving as quickly in any area as Id like to. Its hard. My companion  and I are getting along much better now. But its still hard. I want to be myself and be fun and jolly but I just dont feel like I have it in me anymore. Partially because I feel I need to be more mature etc. Ill talk about the area and the people. Because Trish asked me too. I got her letter by the way, and I am so thankful for it and I loved it! So geographically we are basically in the hills. We walk up and down all day long. But its beautiful. If its clear we can see much of the capital. Imagine a place similar to Auburn. But the hills are steeper and closer together and everything is greener and we are quite high up. The people are wonderful. They are soooo nice. I am taller than all the native blooded people. But there are plenty with mixed blood who are as tall as me. They are all religious in my area. All are Christian. And we teach plenty of people, but it is hard to find those with the time to continue to learn and the desire to exercise their faith moer than normal. Because as Elder Holland and many others have said, this is the Church of Jesus Christ. It is not an easy church. If you want to belong to an easy church and not grow spiritually and have more blessings than you can ever dream--find another church. And speaking of blesinngs, one thing I learned this Wednesday when we went to visit some members while I was on divisions in the other area in my ward is that we really should do all we do because we love everyone, and because we love the Lord. Not just so that we can recieve blessings. I know Im guilty of that. But think what Job would have done if that was his motive for righteousness. There may come a time in our lives when we dont get the blessings, because God loves us enough to push us. To stretch us. And if we dont love him anyway all is dandy and chipper here. I am so thankful for all the love and support I constantly feel from you. I pray for you always, and I know our separation will not be long. I have almost been out 6 months...its sad. The time goes too fast. I dont feel like we have done enough. Theres so much to improve. I love you all. I love the Lord. Ill write again on Monday. Love Elder Mc

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