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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feb 24

WOOOOOOOH! Family! My new companion is the best ever! Elder Jimenez is from Costa Rica. He speaks perfect English so he can help me with my Spanish easier. He is very inteligent and hard working. He is fun. He has tons of faith. I've already learned so much from him. I think of him already as my second dad ( or second trainer). He just gets it. The Gospel. The work. We have already seen the Lord bless this area immensely because of our willingness to do His will. We found 5 new families this week. 15 new investigators. And some of our current investigators are progressing well towards baptism. We are on the same page with everything that matters. The members are already more supportive of us, and we received some awesome references this week. This Saturday there were 2 baptisms from the other elders in our ward, and then a small but fun ward activity afterward. We brought our investigators and the members brought even more, and just like that we have new investigators that have a friend in the church. It is so effective that way. The members have the potential to be the best missionaries in the world if they put a little effort in. And it shows. And then as missionaries we just help the investigator learn and grow. We know how to teach them according to their needs, and we have the Lords revelation. And then the members give them so much support. I'm extremely excited for this change. We have some solid goals, and I know the Lord will help us accomplish them. I will try to get my comp to get some pics of me but 'm not good at it so I apologize. I love it here so much. I count my 10 zillion blessings everyday and I am so thankful for the privilege to be able to bring the blessings I have to others. I have many things I need to improve. i HAVE been lazy with a lot of little goals that I have. And little things bring about great things. But I'm optimistic and know the Lord and my comp can help me. One thing the mission definately does is helps me see the importance of picking "her" right. I always knew it was important, but now I see the why more clearly. Mom and Dad, Ash and Dev and Laur and Mike are such good examples as well. Its been interesting how in such a short time i went from not really being able to give it my all, to now be thinking of all the things we can do. And I realize just how much there is to do. I haven't written in my journal in like a week, because we are so much busier now. At night we are filling out paperwork and planning and trying to make a quick dinner. And we don't come home in the daytime for more than 5 minutes. But its a good problem to have. And I'll figure something out. Love you all with all the love I can summon. Summoning love! Its been summoned.
Elder Mc


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