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Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 7

Dear Momma. How I love your weekly emails. It is one little boost I get each week. Just like reading the scriptures or offering a fervent prayer. I am in a new area called Nueva Santa Rosa. It is outside of the capital and super different from Piedra Parada. First of all it is a lot hotter and much more humid. But its not that bad. When I think i'ts hot here, I just think of Cole on the Carribean Coast and it doesn't seem so hot anymore. I am much closer to the coast but not quite there fortunately. We are in a valley with mountains surrounding us on all sides. Its very pretty. But unlike Piedra, flat for the most part. My comp is Elder Pizarro from Ecuador. He is super funny, and he has been here for 6 months already so he knows everything about our area, which is the biggest of the mission. There are about 50 towns in our area. You can go at least an hour in a bus in every direction but West and still be in the area. It will be interesting, and very different. It was extremely weird the first few days and I've been slowly adjusting. Our house is a bit of a mess...but seriously, I think i will be taking a while to get it in order. The house is on a dirt road and there are a million slits in doors and windows for dirt to get in the house so there is dust everywhere. I think I have the solution for that though. On Saturday after the afternoon session I baptized 2 boys who id never met. It was nice though. The branch here is small. There are about 20 active members who live in about 4 or 5 separate towns. And more than 200 inactives. We walk a looooooooot. I thought my last area was a lot to cover sometimes.....We have about 7 more baptismal dates right now. I didn't do anything to get them. But the people here overall are more receptive than in Piedra. There are also more crazy people. Sometimes they are hilarious because they are just so out there and they are in their own world so it doesn't matter. Sometimes it is frustrating because they don't understand anything. And sometimes it is just sad. But I'm very happy to be here. I know we will be able to really change this area and strengthen and grow the kingdom a lot. There were some absolutely awful missionaries here before my comp and his last comp got here. And it always takes a little time to get the Spirit working in the town again. That's what happened in Pierda too. But they were way worse here. But right now the mission overall has improved. We were baptizing like 80 a month when I got here. And last month we set the mission record with 139. And when our new mission president gets here in about 3 months I pray he will be able to help us get that number up to help more people come to the truth. We all think he will though because he is a big wig sports guy at BYU from Brooklyn. He seems like he knows how to make stuff happen. I love President Stay a lot though, and we will miss him. He has done a great job. When he first got here the mission was baptizing like 40 a month...The future is so bright! I'm super excited to get things rolling even more here. There is so much potential its crazy. In this area Ill be writing from an internet cafe and the keyboard stinks so its slow typing. I cant wait to hear about the wedding Love you all! Life is so good! Especially as a missionary. Nothings better. 
Love Elder Mc   

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