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Sunday, May 18, 2014

April 21

You guys have been all over the West lately! Crazy! Never change.  I 'm happy all has been great. Things here are also great. I feel that there are many things I need to improve as a person and a missionary but I have joy and hope that I can do it with our Savior. I've come to understand the Atonement a little better lately, and I'm learning how to love the people more and help them more from my companion. We are having success. The 4 baptisms didn't happen this weekend but we will have the 4 this weekend. And plus a family is getting baptized that has been waiting a long time to get baptized but couldn't because he was excommunicated (unjustly) and finally got permission to be baptized. And his wife has been waiting to be baptized with him. So there will be 6 baptisms this Saturday. I'ts going to be wonderful. And we are finding wonderful people. There are tons of people ready for the Gospel I think. I know there are people ready for the Gospel there too. Someone knows them. They just need to be invited to learn the truth. Something I have always just been sure of is that if we do our part the Lord works miracles. And I see that constantly. I know that to be the truth wherever we are in the world too. He is a God of miracles. I love you all and may the miracles manifest themselves through your good works. 
Love Elder Mc

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