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Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26

Mom, This week was wonderful. I have really been trying to improve a lot of things, and I noticed something intersting. I came to a point where I was more complacent in everything. I didn't really strive with all I had to improve, and I wasn't super happy. I was doing what I needed to and working hard but I felt I had lost my drive o improve always. It was a strange learning experience as I think I've mentioned. But this week as I've really strived to improve and I've seen more of my weaknesses and had the mindset of being consecrated to the Lord, I've been much happier, and I've been able to bring joy to others. Both in the Word of Life that we bring, and in my personality. We had an incredible zone conference with President Stay and the Assistants that boosted me up a ton. I was sick the whole time and it was from home in a place called Jutiapa, but the Spirit was keeping me atentive and I was able to be focused and be uplifted the whole time. Pres Stay only has a few weeks until he goes home. I am sad to see him leave because I have come to love he and Sister Stay a lot. But its the way it is. I have pretty much gotten over the gastritis I had the first week of the change. That made the work harder too, but now  I am much better. My comp and I get along very well. He is very easy to get along with. Its fun because he has a lot of faith so I think we will be able to do a lot of good here together. Our little branch is going to grow and flourish! I know it! I feel I am improving so that is fun. I have to go already but I love you lots. And lots. And I won''t be losing any pictures ever again haha. 
Elder Mc

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19

Dear Mom, how do you always manage to write some inspirational? Always. I have enjoyed reflecting on how much I have improved in my time here. And it is exciting to think of how much I still can. This week was a hard one. I will start with the bad news.  Tuesdauy morning we woke up at 4 40 to get to the capital by 8 30 for changes. In this whole process, between switching memory cards out of my camera to take pics for my comp (his camera broke), and traveling and being tired, I lost my memory card that has all the pictures I have taken since the beginning of my mission. Anyone who reads this will think I am dumb and I feel dumb too. And I learned about websites where I could have put my pics after losing it etc. Being completely honest when I really knew I had lost it I fell to the ground in sadness and prayed. Those pictures were very special to me and had a lot of love and fondness attached to them. My new comp was a hard adjustment, and now I'm District Leader, and lots of difficult things were happening with all of our investigators. It was a rough week. The memory thing really bugged me a lot for like 2 days and then a little for the next. But I learned a lot. Almost 100% of the people on Earth have problems much bigger than a lost memory card. So this made me put myself in all our investigators shoes more. I think I understand their pain more. But the difficult week is behind me and the future is bright. My comp is young. 4 and a half months out.  He is from Ecuador. He is ready to roll. Keep moving Forward.
Vincere vel mori! 
Love Elder Mc   

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 12

Mom that was an inspiring letter. I can hardly begin to describe how thankful I am for you and all you have sacrificed for me. And still sacrifice. Your example is truly one to follow. I know our principal example is the Savior. But I know he is happy to see those who become much like him become guiding lights as He is. We cannot have too many good examples. I love you so very much mother. Now I know you want to hear about whats going on here. And the answer is lots of miracles. Let me start with Reina. We first contacted her niece who is inactive and her family, and one day she just showed up. Turns out she was very depressed. Her husband left her with two teenagers and a baby almost about to enter the world. We really didn't feel we would be the best ones to help her for now, so we asked the help of the Relief Society and now she is practically a member already. She told us that ever since she knew us a random acquaintance began coming to her house everyday and helping her with the many chores there are to do. A helping angel. She will probably be baptized at the end of the month or in June. Then another woman Feliza just started seeing blessings after going to church. Her children who she is separated from had a miraculous change of heart and went from almost despising her to loving her. Saul contacted us one day at a recent converts house. Yes you read that right. He contacted us. He has a million legitimately serious problems in his lief but has found incredible relief in his soul through the teachings of Christ found in the Book of Mormon. Every time we are with him he expresses such gratitude for helping him found joy, and he is so happy. It is an incredible blessing to know him. Juan, the husband(not married yet) of the niece of Reina told us that he feels something very different when we come over and everything we teach seems to stir his soul. He cant attend church regularly because of studies, but i know the Lord can work more miracles so that he can enter the Kingdom of God. We were teaching a white guy with blue eyes like me, and he had left his former church. He loved everything we taught him, and he felt closer to the Lord. We inspired him to return to his old church. We couldn't bring him to the full truth at this time but we helped him at least find the Savior more in his life. Haha. Nora is the niece of Feliza and she also was left by her husband and is currently pregnant and has a 10 yr old daughter. She felt the Spirit working in her enough without being taught much that she one day asked us what she needed to do to get baptized. Brenda got baptized yesterday. She and her husband (they got married on Saturday) read all of 1 Nephi 3 and that turned their hearts from thinking oh ya lets get married! I love you and I wan to keep the commandments. Britney (I changed her name) also got baptized yesterday. Her husband was murdered about a month ago. And  before she did she very bad things. She found incredible joy and hope in the Plan of Salvation and applied the Atonement in her life and made a radical change. It has been incredible to be here. My companion has been sick a lot so things were slow a lot but the Lord has been pouring out his blessings on those who have sought or needed Him. I will send pictures next week! I love you so much!
Elde Mc        

May 5

We are super blessed its true. I love all of our family. We are number 1. Speaking of blessings I will be Skyping this Sunday! Maybe a phone call. We will see. Church is at 1 now right? And we have church in the morning so we might have to wait til later. We will see. I'm not sure what the time difference is anymore because of daylight savings. It doesn't exist here. So we finish church at 11 here, and have baptisms after church at 11 30 to probably 12 30. And then maybe we could skype from 1 to 1 40. If that doesn't work we can do it later. I know dad will be busy too so whenever works. I will be able to check to what you reply on Sunday morning I think. Ya I really feel for those missionaries in the States. They are practically helpless without the members. And if the members don't help they have nothing. At least I think. And just be yourselves, but be bold. People notice that we mean business when we are bold and they realize this is serious life changing stuff. I personally believe the Lord is preparing people for us all to invite and help be baptized and endure to the end. For every single member there is someone waiting to be invited. They just don't know what they are waiting for. Here people just keep popping up. Its incredible. The Lord is preparing so many. Its a privilege to be part of. Right now things have been slow because my comp has lost a lot of desire to be obedient and work hard. But its very likely I will get a new in a week and we will see what happens...if my comp wants to work and love the people and be obedient I know we will have even more success here. I tell you there is no one like the Guatemalans. This Tue Wed and Thurs a bunch of gringo doctors came here to the Catholic church in my area to treat the people for free. 8 of the gringos in my zone translated for the canches. It was a cool experience but I remembered how different Americans are from Chapins (Guatemalans). I am excited for this Sunday we will have 2 baptims, a wedding Saturday for one woman to get baptized Sunday and then I will get to talk with you my mother! Its a wonderful life isn't it. This week we had 70 people in church! A record I think for this branch. When my comp got here 7 months ago it was 20. Nothing can stop the work! Its so much fun to be part of. And my comp has taught me a lot to make things more happy and lively. I never thought i would lose that but I kind of did. Its still hard for me. Because its the most important work on the planet. But there is a balance in all things. I am sorry to the many people I haven't been able to write things are crazy busy here and there is very little time to actually focus on writing people because of things the mission wants on Mondays etc. But I haven't forgotten you all! Love you all very much and I wish i could send you the love the Guatemalans have. They are incredible humans. I hope one day I merit the title of Guatemalteco. 
Elder Mc
ps- hopefuly next week i will have time to relate cool experiences.   

April 28

I have no time. We had 6 baptisms this week! Love it! Love you! 
Elder Mc

April 21

You guys have been all over the West lately! Crazy! Never change.  I 'm happy all has been great. Things here are also great. I feel that there are many things I need to improve as a person and a missionary but I have joy and hope that I can do it with our Savior. I've come to understand the Atonement a little better lately, and I'm learning how to love the people more and help them more from my companion. We are having success. The 4 baptisms didn't happen this weekend but we will have the 4 this weekend. And plus a family is getting baptized that has been waiting a long time to get baptized but couldn't because he was excommunicated (unjustly) and finally got permission to be baptized. And his wife has been waiting to be baptized with him. So there will be 6 baptisms this Saturday. I'ts going to be wonderful. And we are finding wonderful people. There are tons of people ready for the Gospel I think. I know there are people ready for the Gospel there too. Someone knows them. They just need to be invited to learn the truth. Something I have always just been sure of is that if we do our part the Lord works miracles. And I see that constantly. I know that to be the truth wherever we are in the world too. He is a God of miracles. I love you all and may the miracles manifest themselves through your good works. 
Love Elder Mc

April 14

I am so happy to hear about all the happiness and joy of everything. I would loooooooove to recieve 5 million pictures. But truly I am so happy for them. And for you that you can finally rest. And I have been so busy here its just been this weird thought in my head that she is sealed, but it hasn't slowed me down. This week was a week of miracles. We taught lots of people, talked tons of people and basically just worked real hard and people just kind of fell into our laps in a way. And the people my comp had been working with are progressing. We should have 7 more baptisms this month. 16 investigators came to church! And there were only 45 members in there in our lovely little branch. I've gotten much more comfortable here and I'm excited to be part of this work here. I feel the time has come for the Lord to push the work forward here. We can just feel it. Because this area has never been a gold mine until now basically. Because my companion and his last companion were here together 6 months patching up the mess the last missionaries left. And now the good works of 6 months and the spirit that brings has accumulated enough so that fruits are visible. Its a wonderful privilege to be here. I'm learning tons from my comp and from the scriptures and the words of modern prophets. Its incredible how gospel knowledge can change your perspective. About the pics. Yes, its really pretty here like my last area. I need to go already but i love you all so very much! Share the joy we have with those around you. They need it. In as literal a sense as possible. Even if they don't know it.  
Elder Mc

April 7

Dear Momma. How I love your weekly emails. It is one little boost I get each week. Just like reading the scriptures or offering a fervent prayer. I am in a new area called Nueva Santa Rosa. It is outside of the capital and super different from Piedra Parada. First of all it is a lot hotter and much more humid. But its not that bad. When I think i'ts hot here, I just think of Cole on the Carribean Coast and it doesn't seem so hot anymore. I am much closer to the coast but not quite there fortunately. We are in a valley with mountains surrounding us on all sides. Its very pretty. But unlike Piedra, flat for the most part. My comp is Elder Pizarro from Ecuador. He is super funny, and he has been here for 6 months already so he knows everything about our area, which is the biggest of the mission. There are about 50 towns in our area. You can go at least an hour in a bus in every direction but West and still be in the area. It will be interesting, and very different. It was extremely weird the first few days and I've been slowly adjusting. Our house is a bit of a mess...but seriously, I think i will be taking a while to get it in order. The house is on a dirt road and there are a million slits in doors and windows for dirt to get in the house so there is dust everywhere. I think I have the solution for that though. On Saturday after the afternoon session I baptized 2 boys who id never met. It was nice though. The branch here is small. There are about 20 active members who live in about 4 or 5 separate towns. And more than 200 inactives. We walk a looooooooot. I thought my last area was a lot to cover sometimes.....We have about 7 more baptismal dates right now. I didn't do anything to get them. But the people here overall are more receptive than in Piedra. There are also more crazy people. Sometimes they are hilarious because they are just so out there and they are in their own world so it doesn't matter. Sometimes it is frustrating because they don't understand anything. And sometimes it is just sad. But I'm very happy to be here. I know we will be able to really change this area and strengthen and grow the kingdom a lot. There were some absolutely awful missionaries here before my comp and his last comp got here. And it always takes a little time to get the Spirit working in the town again. That's what happened in Pierda too. But they were way worse here. But right now the mission overall has improved. We were baptizing like 80 a month when I got here. And last month we set the mission record with 139. And when our new mission president gets here in about 3 months I pray he will be able to help us get that number up to help more people come to the truth. We all think he will though because he is a big wig sports guy at BYU from Brooklyn. He seems like he knows how to make stuff happen. I love President Stay a lot though, and we will miss him. He has done a great job. When he first got here the mission was baptizing like 40 a month...The future is so bright! I'm super excited to get things rolling even more here. There is so much potential its crazy. In this area Ill be writing from an internet cafe and the keyboard stinks so its slow typing. I cant wait to hear about the wedding Love you all! Life is so good! Especially as a missionary. Nothings better. 
Love Elder Mc   

Mar 31

I did have a wonderful week. It was totally nuts but wonderful. We had the normal missionary load, plus a baptism to plan (our ward mission leader doesn't really know what he is doing. poor guy), and a large ward missionary activity. Nothing worked out as planned hardly. There was nobody to baptize Mario that we had planned on coming, and he had asked me to baptize him. It was a cool privilege. Sadly I have changes tomorrow. I don't know where I'll be but I'm really going to miss my area. The beauty, the weather, the members, investigators. Everything. but the Lord said its time. I nearly cried this morning goodbye to some people. I imagine I'll cry tonight. But I'll love the future as well. After the baptism we stayed up at the chapel for the activity we planned. Many things didn't work as planned. We had to improvise a lot. The bishop hadn't been helping us much and we think he was testing us in a wise way. when we were super stressed and lost and couldn't do anything more and he knew it, he jumped in and so did the young men's president and I ended up being able to testify in front of a lot of members and 25 ish investigators. It was a special experience. 5 people from our area came on the bus up to the chapel and 2 of them seem super positive. I know my comp Elder Jimenez will rock the area! I know the life back home is probably crazier than it is here. Conference is going to be soooooo sweeet! So excited! I have no idea where Ill be watching it from. It will be so weird to be in a different area. Our area is pretty crazy for investigators. He has a lot of power and apostasy here. So the people ALWAYS get opposition from him when they begin learning about the gospel. Mario who got baptized this weekend got in 3 car crashes in the last 2 weeks, work has been crazy hard and he is just amazing. Rosa who got baptized last week lost a close family member. Ana who will probably be baptized in 2 weeks has been being bombarded by any Evangelical or catholic who even slightly knows her to not listen to the Mormons! And the list goes on and on. got to go! Love you so much!

Mar 24

I love and appreciate your testimony so much mom. There are not many people in this world with as strong of a testimony as you. It strenghtens me and makes me so so grateful for your example. This week has been good. We had a baptism this weekend, and it was wonderful. and we have another super super stellar investigator who will get baptized this weekend. He is very intelligent and rich, and loves the Gospel so much after only knowing about it for 3 weeks. He just eats up all the pamphlets and manuals from church and the Book of Mormon. So all we do is answer his questions because he knows everything he needs to do from doing his homework. He is super fun to teach. And he is already being a missionary trying to help his family know the truth as well. Yesterday we had Sunday lunch with a gringo family who works in the embassy here but serves in our ward so we got to go to their super nice apartment with an insane view. It was needed I must say. This week was super stressful planning for th baptism and an activity we organized for this weekend after Marios baptism that is designed to show people a good time, food and The Testaments movie. And hopefully lots of references. And organizing things here is much harder than at home. Technology is not the same. And lots of people have phones but never answer or lots of other things. But its all good. We are working hard. Lots of our investigators are losing interest, but we will find those who are ready. We have 4 investigators who have wanted to get baptized for months but cant until they go to church and their family wont let them. And they go to a town with their family every weekend so they need to go there and get baptized there. They are 11, 13, 14 and 15, and we fasted with them that their families hearts would be softened. And last night they told us their family said they could go to church in 2 weeks! For conference! So cool. The principles of the Gospel are so powerful. I'm learning so much. I need to know the scriptures more for sure, and be more humble. The stress has made me a little more impatient this week. But Ill get better. Life is so good! both here and wherever we are in the world. It is just wonderful. 
Love you all. So proud of you all! You are the best family. My family
Elder mc  

Mar 17

Sounds like a tough thing gram. I'm sorry hear about the difficulty but I know God has a plan. Sure sounds insane at home right now. It feels crazy in the ward here as well, Satan is working really hard. He has had success with the members and that is affecting the whole area, so we are going to be trying to strengthen the members a lot more lately. There have also been wonderful successes and everything looks very positive. And I have a complete faith in that as we strive to help the members everything will improve. I'm very excited for this area and a little sad that Ill be leaving most likely in 2 weeks. The work this week was a trial. everything seemed to be falling. We are being rejected more than normal. I think it is partly because of the iniquities of some members, and the people hardening their hearts. Lots of things didn't work out. But we did our best and the Lord taught us we need to help the members more. I kind of feel like Paul going to call some people to repentance and strenghtening the understanding and determination of others. We have some very positive investigators right now. We should have Rosas baptism this Saturday because it didn't happen this weekend due to hecticness from her cousins death. And the next week Mario--future leader of the church and Ana should be ready for baptism. Mario loooooooves the Book of Mormon and just eats up everything we give him. He reads and understands and has so much faith. Its inspiring. He said he hasn't gotten a firm answer about the Book of Mormon yet, but he feels its because he hasn't sacrificed or fasted...he came up with that on his own! He is so cool! And despite his money he is very humble. He drives a BMW and everyone one else carries wood on their back with a strap on their forehead. he is the best! And Rosa is being very strong despite the death of basically her brother. Ana got an eyebrow piercing...don't know why but she is also very positive and hope to have her ready for the 29th. And we have lots of other positives now. I love my companion. He has taught me so much. I just keep learning. I hope I stay here another change. How is Trish? Mark? The Ladoges and the Gliddens and Madi and Marge? Does anyone know a story about one of our ancestors they can send me? Id love to be able to share it with people here. Also I was wondering how much it would cost for a harmonica to be sent? I gave mine to my trainer and I really have been missing harmonicizing. I bought a recorder for about $3 to fill the void but it isn't the same. I love you all so much! Ps I realize my emails are kind of lame but I keep a pretty decent journal so don't stress. If you want to know good details, you will get them.

Love Elder Mc  

Mar 10

That is all so fun! Our lives are amazing. It's very fun to hear about everyone. It's very true, I feel like I've been loaded with deep doctrine ever since I got Elder Jimenez. I never cared for it much, but its growing on me and helping me understand everything a little bit more how God knows everything to be. Missions are awesome. We are finding new people and our investigators are progressing. We have 7 people with baptismal dates right now, 6 came to church and everything looks very positive. The Lord is blessing the area a ton because of our efforts. Its wonderful to see. And we always improving. This week I learned a lot. It was sometimes a struggle getting members to teach with us but we did it, and now we need to teach more in their houses where the Spirit is stronger. Time is flying. We are trying to help people more with family history. its really hard here sometimes because of the lack of records and illiterate people. But its been fun and we have started trying that, and I'm excited to keep moving forward with that. On Friday we had a multi zone conference with Pres Stay. It was awesome! He was stressed because of some wild last minute changes because Elder Falabellas wife died and the Area Presidency changed up some things for us, but he asked us to pray for him, and soon the Spirit was really strong. We learned a ton. I have never been in a meeting with Mission South where the Spirit was like that. I could feel the improvement. The mission is improving a ton. Partly because the bad missionaries are mostly old and going home finally, and everyone else is improving overall. Including myself. I feel that I've become a much capable and better missionary in the short time i have been with elder Jimenez in this change. After conference our investigators were sick. We thought we would give maybe 2 blessings, and ended up giving 7. The whole family turned out to be sick, and their health improved greatly overnight. The next day we gave 2 more blessings and yesterday gave 4!  We don't seek opportunities to boast the priesthood or anything, but it is a wonderful chance to exercise that serving power of God. On Saturday we seemed to encounter all the most prideful people in our area, so that was kind of difficult. but despite that we have awesome investigators. I love them all so much! Saturday night I was dying to watch a movie my comp has called How Rare a Posession about the Book of Mormon. It was super awesome! I recommend it if you haven't seen it. I love you all! I love this work and being able to see miracles.
Love Elder Mc    

Mar 3

That is an incredible story mom! Miracles do happen! Its true! Its obvious Parker has a lot of faith. This week I've been seeing things I need to improve. My companion is a master of the Scriptures, and I realized that I need to be able to help others with them as well. So I have revised my study plan in the morning to amp up my learning. Yesterday we had stake conference and I saw the Smileys again! Elder Amado came. I loooooove the way he teaches. I learned a lot about prayer. He talked about some deep doctrine. I feel I've been surrounded by conversations with the long time members in our ward and my companion. And it has got me thinking about Alma 12:9 a lot lately. The mysteries of far as the work is concerned, it is going great. It is quite difficult. We have left a lot of investigators. It is sad but it has to be done. My area honestly is just filled with apostasy and the influence of Satan. There are drunk men everywhere, lots of "evil traditions of their fathers", but we are doing our best, and I think in time this area will be extremely fruitful. But this work truly requires time. 2 years is too short. I love you lots! Lots and lots! Love Elder Mc

Ps-just so you don't worry, I'm super happy, my comp and I are great friends, and the Lord is blessing me tremendously be able to learn and grow. 
Pss-our mission overall is improving a lot. Its wonderful to see! Obedience has improved, and wickedness is being burnt away. As a result we are baptizing more and more. And we will keep bringing souls unto Christ! What a marvelous work. It just amazes me. 

Feb 24

WOOOOOOOH! Family! My new companion is the best ever! Elder Jimenez is from Costa Rica. He speaks perfect English so he can help me with my Spanish easier. He is very inteligent and hard working. He is fun. He has tons of faith. I've already learned so much from him. I think of him already as my second dad ( or second trainer). He just gets it. The Gospel. The work. We have already seen the Lord bless this area immensely because of our willingness to do His will. We found 5 new families this week. 15 new investigators. And some of our current investigators are progressing well towards baptism. We are on the same page with everything that matters. The members are already more supportive of us, and we received some awesome references this week. This Saturday there were 2 baptisms from the other elders in our ward, and then a small but fun ward activity afterward. We brought our investigators and the members brought even more, and just like that we have new investigators that have a friend in the church. It is so effective that way. The members have the potential to be the best missionaries in the world if they put a little effort in. And it shows. And then as missionaries we just help the investigator learn and grow. We know how to teach them according to their needs, and we have the Lords revelation. And then the members give them so much support. I'm extremely excited for this change. We have some solid goals, and I know the Lord will help us accomplish them. I will try to get my comp to get some pics of me but 'm not good at it so I apologize. I love it here so much. I count my 10 zillion blessings everyday and I am so thankful for the privilege to be able to bring the blessings I have to others. I have many things I need to improve. i HAVE been lazy with a lot of little goals that I have. And little things bring about great things. But I'm optimistic and know the Lord and my comp can help me. One thing the mission definately does is helps me see the importance of picking "her" right. I always knew it was important, but now I see the why more clearly. Mom and Dad, Ash and Dev and Laur and Mike are such good examples as well. Its been interesting how in such a short time i went from not really being able to give it my all, to now be thinking of all the things we can do. And I realize just how much there is to do. I haven't written in my journal in like a week, because we are so much busier now. At night we are filling out paperwork and planning and trying to make a quick dinner. And we don't come home in the daytime for more than 5 minutes. But its a good problem to have. And I'll figure something out. Love you all with all the love I can summon. Summoning love! Its been summoned.
Elder Mc


Feb 17

This week was the last for my  companion in the mission. And I have not been judging him or being impatient but he has definately been showing in our numbers. We taught like 4 lessons this week compared to normally well teach about 20. But I still love him and Ill miss him. I get my new comp tomorrow....nervous and excited. I'm staying in my area though which I'm happy about. I wrote you a letter with more details about everything, but last week on Monday we went exploring trying to find another cave. It was a very fun time. Beautiful. On Thursday we had a multi zone conference with President Stay and Elder Ochoa of the second quorum of the Seventy (Luke 10). It was amazing. Details in the letter. On Friday I had divisions with my zone leader Elder Serafin, and we had to go to the Sisters area and observe and help them because they asked the zone leaders to do that. It was kind of weird, but it was good. We contacted a family and walked with them to their house and taught them there. We didn't have much to do there and we did our best doing what we know how to do, and the Lord blessed the Sisters with a new family to help teach and baptize. One thing Elder Ochoa stressed to us is that as missionaries, everything we do is to baptize and retain. Everything. That shows how important baptism and activity in the church is. After that we taught a family in my area with the bishop. They are so solid. They are very in tune with the Spirit, and want to follow the Savior. We are planning on baptizing their daughter who has been to church twice now, on the 8th of march. She took notes in Gospel Principles, and loves it, and isn't a member, and no one else including myself took notes! It was amazing to see that from my perspective. i really believe if I get a companion who wants to work and be obedient (both of those things are necessary) we can bring more people to the Holy waters of baptism to join the kingdom of God. On Saturday I had divisions again, and we taught a man who we haven't been able to find very consistently. But we found him, and he has only read a chapter of the Book of Mormon and already believes its true. The people here are just so spiritual. Its amazing. he hasnt been able to go to church though. Hopefully he will be baptized in march. On Sunday we had divisions agin so my comp could say goodbye to people, and the poor new white kid I was with was sick. So we spent sunday afternoon in the house, but we were supposed to walk down to my area, and had no way to talk to anyone because the phones werent working yesterday, so 4 of us ended up sleeping ion their house last night. I slept on a box spring. Thats the thing you put under a mattress right? It was actually quite comfortable. Just cold without a blankeet. But it was a cool first experience. Love you so much! IM happy and well and enjoying my life as a missionary tremendously. 
Love your son pal bro etc. Elder Mc
ps-gram, your story about the lady who elder johnson taught is super cool. Its going in my journal

Feb 17