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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 6

Hey family. This week was good! I went on some amazing divisions. With Elder Mangum who is in the other area in my ward on Tuesday. He has become a really good friend. He is getting transferred tomorrow. But we had such a good day contacting more people than he ever has, and listening to the Spirit and letting it guide us a lot because ALL of the plans fell because everyone went to New years partys. One in particular was awesome. We were into this little gulley looking for their recent convert. He wasn’t there, and we started walking back to the main town. This guy had a lot of land so we walked 200 yards from his fence to his house. Elder Mangum all of a sudden felt like we needed to run. And so I said lets run! And we run up and out of this little valley and through the field to the fence and hopped it just kept walking, wondering what danger we just avoided or what. And then we came to a little driveway and called for Ramone, a little boy we know who has a lot of member friends. Elder Mangum has been looking for Ramones dad for a while so they could teach him. And as Ramones dad was getting ready to leave we caught him and finally set an appointment, and talked with him. The Spirit will guide us if we let it. Then on Wednesday I went with my ZL to his area again. We went to this place that was so cool. And long story short, we found this woman who was very sad for her late mother, and we taught her outside. And I was looking at the most incredible view ever. LIke ever. It was insanely beautiful. We are up on a mountain looking down on a valley and a lake and a volcano. No big deal. Believe me I know how blessed I am not only to be in this incredible land, but with these incredible people, with the oppurtunity to preach the gospel to them. And she was so receptive and Elder Serafin was prompted to give her a BOM even though we didnt teach about it. And looking at that incredible view, teaching this wonderful woman, I knew this was where |I was meant to be. I felt like I belonged. And some other things. Call it what you want. But I know. I sent pics of what IM talking about. We didnt leave the house Thursday because my comp was sick we didnt leave so i studied a lot which was really nice actually once I got over the quiet loneliness. I need human interaction here I tell you. Sometimes I feel like Im being prepared by god to get lost alone in the wilderness because my comp doesn’t talk to me much. ‘Ive tried really hard to be nice and make friends...but. No the real purpose I know is because it bringing me to closer to God because I TALK TO HIM more. Love you so much. 

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