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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 20

Mom, I am great. I am much more comfortable with my comp and silence etc. I’ve just adapted. It took a little over 3 months, but I did it. I really can see very easily that the experiences I’m having are helping me grow in faith and determination. The week was good. We have 2 investigators that I think will get baptized before my companion goes home. And I am learning to be better always. Two missionaries from our ward have come home recently, and they are helping us a lot, and I can tell they were stud missionaries. I am learning from them a lot as well. This week my comp was sick for 2 days. I had 2 options. Be productive with my time in the apartment or not. I really wanted to use my time well. I studied a lot, and it was actually a difficult 2 days, but it was great from what I gained. I gained a much stronger testimony of the divinity and importance of the Book of Mormon. It’s absolutely essential, and as LDS folk, we must study it often and we are proimised many blessings. My testimony of prayer was strengthened as I had lots of time to pray. I put my 2014 goals, and I know what I need to do to accomplish them. I’m happy, I’m healthy, I love it here. I really mean that though. It is the coolest place on Earth. I hope I can have a chance to live here again like the Smileys. We were teaching him and his parents. But we stopped going because they are basically too busy. They work like nuts. But maybe Ricardo himself would have time. I’m so thankful for the Gospel. I love our living prophets and apostles and the many resources God has given us to stay on the path. This Wednesday were going to the city to hear Quentin L. Cook and a Seventy! I’m so excited! There will be I think 3 missions there. Us, Central and East. Whats awesome about the Gospel is that if we want more knowledge, more happiness, more closeness to God, more love, whatever. It’s there. We just have to do our part to get it. But man is it precious. And it’s completely incomparable. First pic I sent. Mauricio Gomez a hilrious member asleep after we ate lunch. It took literally less than a minute for him to fall asleep once he sat down. He snores, so we knew when he was asleep. Theres a funny looking dog at the members house where we are teaching their aunt who recently moved in with them. Shes getting baptized Feb. 8th.  At the same house is a very very deep well. And the same house a cool pic of the landscape. Love you so much! PIc 1 theyre just burning lots of random stuff where all the buses are parked 200 feet from our house. 

2 The Lopez family who are our neighbors had their son return from his mission and they built him a room and attached it to their house basically using a large box. There is a pic of an identical box that they use as a tool shed. THey have more money than most, but still not a lot, and they are so creative and awesome I love it. These are my kind of people. (Rudy Lopez was one of the first members baptized in Guate and central am  was telling you BOUT IT. Hes great 
Elder McFire

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