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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 13

I am doing good. I’ll try to get in all the information I want to you guys. First about the blanket you sent. I got it 2 weeks ago and we went to eat lunch at the very American mall which we do a lot. And when we got home I realized Id left it there. I didnt say anything because I didn’t want you to be sad, and I was praying that I’d find it in the lost and found there in the mall. And the next week I did! So I’ve had it a week and I’ve been  sleeping so warm and cozy and I feel like I’ve never slept so good in my life, so thank you so much. The work is slow going. We are trying to help a couple get married. The woman is a member and the man isn’t, and they need to get married so he can get baptized. And we had this family we thought was really solid that seemed so prepared, and then like overnight they seemed to lose the interest they had, and didn’t want to go to church, and so that was disappointing. I’m not sure what will happen with them. We have 2 progressing investigators. One is living with her member family as of recently, and she is elderly, but is very receptive, and loved church. And the other is the husband of a long time active member. He is also looking very positive. I think baptism is close for him. The rest of our investigators aren’t progressing because they don’t go to church. And they could if they wanted to. It’s hard. We did see a clear moment where the Lord guided us to a family who seems prepared. I say seems because I’m apprehensive to count anyone as someone to rejoice for until they are baptized. Anyway I contacted a man on the bus last week and we planned to return Saturday, but we couldn’t find his address. That’s not uncommon. They lie about their addresses or just got it wrong or the house is obscure or hard to find or whatever. And so we went to go to contact. We could go to x place or y. We chose x marks the spot, and 30 seconds later we found that man I contacted and they were walking home and they invited us immediately to come with them. It was sweet! Even though I think they might have thought we were Catholics. but as far as‘I’m aware that was cleared up, and we are going back today. I am still with my trainer which I was happy and sad about. Basically when I did know we were going to be together another 6 weeks til he leaves I wanted him to know I was ready to work like a maniac, and help him with whatever goal or anything, and that I wanted to have a better relationship with him--be his friend. It kind of backfired and he got kind of mad. Im leaving out a lot of details but basically it was a really hard few days for me leading up to that, and I was pleading to be led by the Spirit to inititiate this conversation I wanted to have .He’s not good with sharing emotions or happiness I don’t think. So after basically being let down big time, I was just thinking, Heavenly Father I have done my best and I can’t do anymore. In that instant I felt a weight lifted. I didnt feel so alone anymore. It was a very good experience. And my comp and I are as good as we can be. We don’t talk much, but that’s how he likes it, and I’ve adjusted, and grown closer to God. And despite the challenges I am happy. I feel tremendously blessed and like the Lord is preparing me for harder everything in the future. And like mom said, we can do hard things. Im so grateful for my familial support, and the letters I recieve. Especially from you my momma. I love the mission! The members her are awesome, and so are all the people even though we arent having loads of success in bringing them to the truth. Love you all! 

Elder Mc    

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