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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

week 7 in the field

Dear momma. This week was partially awesome, and partially not. Monday we only emailed and then went to work cause pday was Thursday for Thanksgiving. Tiring day on Tuesday night after runnin around the hills we went with the ward to the temple. We went with our recent convert Federico Chocojay (14 yrs) and the temple is so beautiful at night and there was a nativity scene that we took pictures with. The youth all planned to do baptisms. I was very happy to be there again. And then we learned the ward didn’t have enough priesthood to do everything...but all 4 of us elders in the ward went. So we were all asked to participate. And we didn’t think that Federico could enter without the priesthood but he had an interview to enter and in he went. I got to participate doing confirmations and 3 of us elders took turns with all the duties. That was so cool and the Spirit was so sweet and peaceful and joyous. And Elder Montenegro confirmed Federico and we saw him be baptized. It was awesome and he absolutely loved it. He is a real stud. None of our other investigators could or wanted to go but he is always like the shining star to brighten our day. On Wednesday I went to the Zone Leaders area for divisions and really we didn’t go to their area, We went to another area that I’ve never been to so Elder Castillo could do baptismal interviews for the investigators of the district leader in that district. There were 4 people to interview and it took a really long time because we were walking around some and the interviews took a while so we didn’t finish till late, and just went straight to the apartment via the busses as always. We were in a beautiful flat valley. It was weird because everywhere in my area is nothing but hills There is very little flat road. That night was really cold. Like legitimately cold. Were at a little over 6000 ft so it can be quite cold. Im guessing with wind chill it felt like about 36 degress F. And the apartments aren’t very warm. And the new zone leaders who came whose bed I slept in didnt have a blanket. So i slept pretty cold, probably ate something bad at the members house where we had a long interview to wait for, and maybe some other factor contributed to me waking up sick at 2 am. Luckily I was able to sleep well till 6 30, thanksgiving morning, and then realized I really was sick. Long story short I was sick in bed in the ZLs house all morning, then some members took me to Rudy Lopezs house (he became my companion), while the other elders went to the zoo, then a dinner at the capilla for the zone. I felt like total crud, i was freezing without tons of blankets, and it wasnt fun, but i was truly trying to count my blessings. Not because of what day it was though because i heard in a talk by a seventy that that is what we ought to do when we are sick or when it isn’t easy to think of ourselves. ¨Count your blessings and direct your thoughts to the savior¨ We were home all day Friday and I developed more symptoms of which I will spare your ears of. And pretty much all day Saturday until I felt good enough at 6 pm to go to some homes, but nobody was there, so we talked with Hmo Rudy about his life more. You should look up August 1986 Ensign with the column title Rudy and Berta Lopez. They are super awesome and super funny. And Sunday I guess I still looked like a white sheet, but thats cause I am still recuperating slowly. But trust me it could have been a lot worse. There are some crazy sicknesses here that just flow around. Tons of people in my little pueblo are sick so I think it was just my turn more than anything. And so I dont have much progress to report on because we don’t have much, and almost all of our appointments for Sunday fell. But today was fun! We finally played soccer! it was so fun! We did my district of 6 versus the members, and we barely lost, but it was really fun so i hope we’ll do it again. And the internet at the church was out so were writing now in an internet cafe. I got your x mas package! I was so surprised! Thanks so much! You guys are so loving and i love you so much and i missed you today when i heard x mas music.

elder mcfire

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