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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9th

Dear Family, I’m glad you got that picture, that was such a good idea of the Smylie’s. I decided to give the extra Christmas stuff all to my companion because he definitely won’t be receiving anything. To be honest I’m a super spoiled missionary. I get many more letters from my family and packages than almost everyone. And I say that with so much gratitude. I thoroughly enjoyed studying the scriptures you left on each item. That was very clever. Wow a blanket! Thanks! I love you my momma. Well this week went much better and after coming back from basically 3 days of sicky the work was a little slow, but it picked up again. We found a family that is partial super inactive member and partial non member and they have a lot of interest. The son with 21 years old used to be in a gang leadership position, and claims he crashed his motorcycle and had a bunch of surgeries. And he defintely did have surgeries, and his face is messed up, but the bishop says that story isnt likely. And his brother was killed 5 years ago too. But they are really nice people. My companion was inspired to go where we could find them because it was the perfect time. That was pretty cool. Sometimes I feel like we are just planting tons of seeds, and not reaping many. But even if that were the case, what a privilege. Weve been teaching a family, and we think the mom is a member, but she told us she doesnt think she was confirmed 26 years ago when she was baptized. No one else is a member. We teach her daughter and 2 nieces as well. And recently her nephew came to live with her from the city. 3 months he was shot 3 times and almost died, because he was involved in some bad stuff, and he is only 18. And now he is fixing his life. He is already going to AA and is off drugs, and he wants to learn about the Gospel. His heart has been softened. And sadly enough the same week he came, another of her nephews also into bad stuff in the city with a gang was shot and killed. He was only 14. These people go through so much, but they are kind of numb to a lot of things which is sad. Not totally numb. But they have to be a little bit so that they can keep on living normally I think. Maybe thats just my speculation. As far as progression with the investigators goes, it is difficult because so many of our investigators work on Sundays. And they dont have an option. And if they can’t go to church, they can’t progress. As far as things with my comp go,I’ve become very laid back and we just do what he wants always. And its never bad, but sometimes it can be better. So I’m more laid back and more "surfer skater " than ever mom! Not really in that way though, don’t worry. The x mas devotional sure was awesome! And had a real spiritual experience this morning that was rad. Ive gotten it written down so don’t worry. I’m really learning to rely on the Lord and I feel closer to Him than ever before, and that I understand the Gospel and the beauty and perfection of it all better than ever. It’s amazing how when we apply ourselves to something righteous the Lord really blesses us. I love you all soooooooooooooooooooooo much! You’re wonderful! And I’m loving it here and the people more and more. Love your friend, son, grandson, brother, and Chapin, 

Elder McFire

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