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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost Christmas!

Mom and Dad, I did indeed have a great week! I had two divisions in other areas and so that was something new and fun and I learned a lot. We also had our Christmas devotional with the President and it was super awesome and spiritual. And we watched a movie which was so good. You’ve probably seen it or have it. It is called Ephraim’s Rescue. So good!  I lost track of the amount of times I cried from the Spirit in that movie. We also had our ward Christmas party and it was pretty busy for us missionaries just serving like crazy but it was fun. Speaking of Christmas I can talk on Skype if you want to and think it’s a good idea. Send me your Skype address and if the computers don’t work in the church I will just call you or dad. The traditions are the same almost, just way toned down. There are Christmas trees, but most people don’t have one. Santa Claus is a part of it. It is pretty Americanized where I’m at compared to outside the capital from what I’ve heard. I can’t lie mom I miss all you’re Christmas spirit a lot sometimes. The lights, food, everything. It’s just an especially happy giving time in our house this time of the year. I heard that on Christmas everyone eats tamales but other than that the food is the same. The music they play is the same stuff you are hearing. If they have Christmas music in Spanish they don’t listen to it much. This picture I’m sending is Federico. He was our first and only convert so far. He is awesome. If you could show Brother Pellerin that I wore his tie for the baptism, that would be awesome. By the way what is Trent’s email? We have an investigator who speaks some Chinese and wants to speak a little with Trent. He is richer and is studying a lot. He is really cool. I love you all soo much and I’m not in denial, I miss you guys, but I don’t want to be anywhere but here. There is so little time to write to write letters but im trying so hard to find time. Dad the mutton is always nice and lean and the tomatoes ripe here in Guatemala. You’d love it. There is always someone ready to hear the Gospel here. Always. We just have to open our mouths as missionaries. And it shows that Preach my gospel is for all members because goal setting is something it teaches. You definitely will receive that inspiration!! Elder Mcfire is much easier to say than Mcfadyen, and one day one of my investigators called me that and I loved it and it stuck. I love you so much!
Love Elder McFire. 

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