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Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 6 in the field

Mom that is so true and I feel like Im learning the same thing over and over not let the little things bother me and do as Chad told me--love and serve my companion. Im definitely slacking in that department. I actually really like the food. Its good. We eat an insane amount of carbs--and not much fruit or vegetables, so we all have more pounds cause of that. I actually saw the smileys and talked with them yesterday at an incredible Stake conference that was actually a broadcast from Salt lake to all of Guatemala, and elder Fallabella, Scott, Sister Wixom, and president Eyring spoke to us. I can already tell the Smileys are so awesome! We might be able to have dinner with them one day! Well this was a week of sickness and spirituality. It finally hit me. I had the flu on Friday and threw up 12 times. I was so miserable in all honestly and so tired but couldnt sleep and it was the longest day ever starting at 4 am until 11 pm. But I had the Lord with me and was praying a lot, and the Lord helped me to realize that number one, I am very weak, and quite frankly a wimp with sickness. SOOOOOOOO many people suffer a million times more than me. And He is always trying to teach us. We just need to be teachable. And Saturday I was still pretty dead but it wasnt too hard of a day. And on Sunday I had my first run in while in the field with diarrhea. If you didnt want to know that Im sorry. The water, we just buy giant bottled jugs and use that. Almost everyone does. My typical day. Wake up at 6 30 and maybe do some exercise but there really isnt much time and my comp says I wake him up if I get up early to do exercises so I stopped doing that. We take incredible hot showers which I am so thankful for because it is actually pretty cold here sometimes. In the morning especially. Then we have breakfast at 7 30 with our comedor sister garcia. She makes the best food and we eat breakfast and lunch with her at 8-9 we have personal
study, 9-10 comp study, 10-11 additional study and 11-12 language study, but we dont usually have time to study the language because we have appointments or my comp wants to go contacting somewhere. He really doesnt like language study. At 1 we have lunch, and from 2--9 or 9 30 we are out teachin and preachin. I have so much to learn mom its crazy! But you have taught me well and I am so thankful for such an incredible momma! And dad taught me a lesson long ago to be the first to apologize, and that might have saved a successful companionship for me. I might send you a copy of a page I wrote in my journal. Im sorry if i dont write as much  as youd like Im pretty overwhelmed every time I email because there is just so little time to reply to all, but I really do love you all! 

Love Elder McFadyen  

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