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Monday, November 25, 2013

Ryan's 5th week in the field

Hey momma so happy to hear about Devin and Ash! Welcome back to the West! Such adventures. Im very healthy and happy overall. My health was much worse in the CCM believe it or not. The only thing I dont like is being hungry all the time not because there isnt food, but theres no time to eat enough! I have lost some weight but nothing to fret about. The work is hard. Really hard. We are working very hard and pushing ourselves but sometimes...urg. This last week had its ups and downs. Lets start with the downs. On Saturday we had 11 appointments. Appointments all day long. And literally all 11 fell. We didnt teach anyone. We were just going from place to place and other unplanned places and nothing worked out. And we saw one teenager who were working with ( were teaching his whole family, only his mom is a member) with a cigarette tucked behind his ear and his friends all smoking. I just hope he didnt smoke it. His cousin got wasted that same night, and so they were mostly all tired and only the mother, inactive member her daughter and niece came to church. That was actually a positive thing. Church was really good, we had the primary program and I met more members of the ward and we got invited to have Thankssgiving dinner with a white couple in the ward. The husband works in the US embassy. On Sunday afternoon I have never been so tired in my life. We walked so much, so far, so fast, up and down the mountains again with little success of encountering the people we were supposed to teach. And all of our investigators require much patience. Either because they have some problems, or can only meet once a week because they work so much. Thats one of the hardest things here is that the people (the men mostly--who need to be there) work sooooo much. But a few of the many positives is that the Chocojay family is doing well (their son was baptized 2 weeks ago). They are interested in family history and frankly i am a lot more now too. And Jose Luis and Federico are excited to be missionaries. Jose Luis is amazing. He is 18, works like a horse everyday and isnt able to attend church so he cant be baptized, but he wants to be. And he shares what we teach with his friends and coworkers. And one of our current investigators literally chased us down on his bike so that wed teach him after we talked with his hard hearted uncle. The youth are very receptive. Love you so much mom! Ive been thinking about what an amazing mother and father I have and you should know Im so proud to be your son! Love you lots!

Elder McFadyen

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