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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 5

Heya momma, thanks for the letters, i love to read them! theres is so much to write in so little time and i possibly wont be able to write again for two weeks because i leave the ccm next tuesday and then hit the ground running. i loe to share the cool little stuff and if i miss anything ill let you read my journal later. the other day at deportes elder van shaar was playing his flauta (flute) and i was reading jesus the christ and all of a sudden a hummingbird flies within like a foot of us, no joke and gets nectar from a flower right next to us (the flowers are always in bloom so far) and was there for like 15 seconds and it was green and yellow and absolutely one of the coolest things ever. i got to teach with elder van shaar as well and it was a nice change of pace because while i love my companion, and he is growing rapidly, elder van shaar is a little "older". i also feel that im growing rapidly here. its truly is miraculous to me how quickly the lord whips us into to shape if well submit our will to his. one week ago we went on a field trip to wal mart which was fun. nothing much to say about that. some of the new hispanos are going to my mission and they are funny guys so itll be fun. i found out there are about 210 missionaries in my mission too! crazy right!? we listened to an incredble devocional by elder holland who sculpted my study patterns better and thats been helping me. last week the temple was also amazing for me as it was today. i love it more and moer every time i go. there is no place like it and today was the last time ill go for probably 6 months which is a little sad. last wednesday was a sad day, i dont know why, but every thursday after a group leaves it is crumby. theyve got the third floor here pretty much done but we are still on the second floor til we leave. oh man its always funny here,. i was trying to figure out how to teach the law of chastity in my brain, and im teaching my teacher, and i couldnt think of anything to say so I said something awkward and I silenced the room fast. oh man its always funny here,. i loveit. lets talk about conference. wooooow! so good! ive never taken so many notes in my life. it was in english thankfully. pres monson himself said it was the most spiritual conference he could remember ive learned the basics i think of learning from speakers through their words and the inspiration of the spirit and it is awesome, and i just felt flooded with inspiration during confernce. it was so great. emily and sarah. do as elder ballard directs, and the Lord, and invite your friends to take the missionary lessons when the time is right. elder major saw his dad like 30 times because he sings in the motab choir. that was pretty cool. is there any way you could get my emails to ashley powers my friend? i dont think you know her.....oh another cool thing was that 2 weeks ago elder ochoa came and spoke to us here, and then we saw him speaking in general confernce and were feeling blessed because of that. we loved him when he came. he was really really awesome. before conference i got sick from the food  i think and threw up a couple times so i was quite tired and feeling crumby the next day but i really wanted to watch conference and i felt good enough, and great on sunday! that and when i had a cold the first three weeks is preparing me for when i get really sick. oh the coolest thing of the week was we were supposed to teach some inactive members at this little teaching house a 1 minute walk away, but no one showed up so we got to go street contacting and so elder searle and i went to the bus stop on the corner by the temple and just started talking to an old man waiting for his bus, and holy cow it was so awesome. we could understand him, and he understood us, and the spirit was strong, and his poor wife has alzheimers, and so we gave him a book of mormon which he wanted to pay us for, and he wanted to learn more so we got all o his contact info and the missionaries in his area if they are good missionaries will get his referral from the ccm and go teach him. i was so so happy, and  i love talking to the people, especially the guatemalans. they are so open and ready for the gospel. we havent taught a single person who wasnt thus far, and weve taught 3 legitimate nonmembers. cant wait to get out there! well hopefully i can email you in a week but i wouldnt count on it. one week more til this ccm experience ends. im going to miss a lot of people.  

love elder mcfadyen

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