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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 4

hello momma, i was pretty surprised to hear about jeff and at first i
was really sad but i know the time was right, and he has suffered
enough. so it is happy. this week has been a good one. it pretty much
rains every day, but one day it dumped, and it was incredible. and the
thunder was incredible. like from a movie. i loved it. .the spanish i
going very well, i can communicate most of what i want to say, and
last week i finally had the courage and faith to commit to speaking
only spanish (within reason), and once i made that commitment i felt a
lot of peace. because my fear was causing the spirit to withhold a
little bit from me. elder searle and i got to teach another nonmember
the other day and it went really well. this womans family is partial
member, and she said she would read the book of mormon. and we just
found her on the street waiting to got to the eye doctor. people here
are so willing to listen to the gospel. the time with my district is
still good although were starting to realize that hermanas arent all
that bad since if we had some we probably wouldnt be such guys all the
time. but its all good. and they get cranky sometimes anyway. at least
the ones in the other districts here do. we sang nearer my god to thee
(in espanol) the other night, and a teacher played the flute and was
really good, and it was the most beautiful thing ive heard. i wish you
guys could hear it. so good. another slight challenge im having is
music withdrawals. just naturally ill notice music is in my head from
home, and sometimes i have to be have a hymn vs song battle in my
brain. hymn wins, but it isnt easy. did i already tell you about how i
have no hair? you thought my hair was short when i left. no. they have
already cut it twice. on saturday we got to do service and pick up
trash all around the temple and ccm, and it was very fun. some guys
saw a small snake but i missed it. i did however see the ugliest
pigeon of all time. and to me that is quite notable given that ive
been to san fran and new york. its so cool here. we listened to a
devotional last night and it is incredible how strengthening it is to
hear to hear the prophets speak. everyone here is so excited for
conference and i hope you can help your beehives realize how awesome
it is. how is everything else at home? hows max, chance? they both
leaver really soon! how is ty?  im pretty excited 
to get out in the field. the second group i will have seen leaves
tomorrow and then were next! its crazy! 2 weeks here goes by so fast
its crazy. the really weird thing is in reality i feel like i could be
here for a pretty long time and be happy. not as happy as out in the
world. but still happy. im in for a real treat when i leave. and what
i mean by that is that so far i havent been pushed to the limit. ive
been strengthened and blessed incredibly by the lord but havent been
pushed to my knees in tears. and when that happens. ill come out a
strengthened person. i almost said man. but i dont like to think of
myself as a man. im young! im a kid! you should tell anyone you know
who wants to serve a mission to know the scriptures WELL before they
go and theyll be ahead of the game. the scriptures are so important. i
love you so much! youre number one! enjoy your life! its a beautiful
one!   --elder mcfadyen

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