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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 3

Hey momma, thanks for that wonderful quote, that is very good! Thats
so nuts everyone is leaving already! time flies! tell sam zapata
congrats im so excited for him! I feel like painting a little more
solid picture of guatemala bit by bit. i always forget details so ill
just add to them. around the ccm they have like 15 guards 24-7, and
men on trucks with anything even slightly valuable have a shotgun. its
very cool. and the cop trucks just pile cops into the bed with
automatic weapons, and mom i apologize for my honesty but i think its
cool for now. all the buses people ride in are packed most of the time
and look very old. we have a sweet view of the temple from my room,
and its beautiful at night because its often shrouded in fog except the
temple is totally visible. this morning in the temple a lot of
missionaries from ciudad este mision were there and we chatted for a
little bit, and they got me excited again to enter the field. we got a
new group of hispanos and nortes and at first they were all really
home sick and unfriendly but now all is good. things are still good
with the district we have the best district meetings ever. them always
have invited the spirit strongly lately as we discuss how to improve
etc. ps, mom if you send my time, truly send all ties. thanks! cause
the people here wear bright cool stuff. i did get your snail mail last
night mom but havent had time to read it yet. so it took about 2
weeks. not bad. but thanks so much for the letter! its a good feeling
to get a tangible letter. i saw an amazing bug the other day if anyone
wants to google it. it looked like a totally soft black wasp with
really tiny butterfly wings. it was amazing. god lives.  this sunday
my district sung a song accappella because elder major and others can
sing really well and it was fun. i feel bad for the hispanos because i
dont tink theyve ever heard what songs should sound like. either that
or they are all tone deaf. we sing for fun a lot. man the time is
flying. last saturday a bunch of children came and got a tour of the
ccm and i talked with them a little and it sure is humbling to speak
worse than a 3 year old. but the spanish really is coming pretty
easily. ive found that when im praying (always in spanish), the words
just come to me super easily. its fun. i know thats not coincidence.
then last friday i believe we were teaching a nonmember (we usually
teach a member, but we got lucky when a member brought a non member
friend), and anyway, it went very well and the spirit was strong, and
all of a sudden our teacher comes in the room and says you guys need
to RUN to your room and move it all to this room because theyre
demolishing yours. so we did, and i hope thats the only time i ever
run away from an investigator. we moved our stuff as they were
beginning demo, and then they said oh ya were demolishing the room you
just moved into also. so we moved again, and that was a fun adventure.
i really did enjoy it. it got my blood pumping a little. sometimes i
feel so tired that ive wondered how long it will take at this rate of
progressively getting more tired for me to die. but i havent yet. and
i still love it. and i still havent gained weight even though i eat so
much. ive lost 2 pounds. but the elders in the temple actually said if
were in the city we wont be hungry as much as we are in the ccm cause
there is good enough food to buy everywhere. to the young men i want
to say that satan is going to try so so so hard to deter you from
serving your mission because he knows that as soon as you become a
fulltime missionary your testimony is about to grow immensely. in my
short time here ive alreadfy had so many of my gospel questions
answered, and im so happy, and i love being a missionary. im beginning
to understand why being a good companion is the best way to prepare
for marriage because it truly isnt easy. but as they say, nothing in
the world worth learning or earning is easy. you will
never regret serving. and youll always regret not serving. love elder mcfadyen

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