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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week 2

yes mom helllo! that would be awesome! if you are going to send a package all of my ties would be nice and maybe our new family picture. So i hope youre ready for another whirlwind email with absolutely no structure because we were supposed to write monday but the power wasnt workin, then on tuesday we were too busy, yesterday the power still wasnt working and so i have a lot to talk about. so first of all for my pals. shoe trees for shoes was a great idea. thanks cole. he is gone now too! is that weird? also for my pals, dont bring running shoes because youll destroy them like other people herer. the indoor soccer shoes i got are doing great and come in handy with basketball and soccer. also, bring a lot of flashcards because youll want to use them for memorizing scriptures, words etc. and bring small notebooks. things are going well here. i got this week finally because just about evryone in my room was sick, so ive been pretty tired plus this week was crazy but all is good. the power goes out every now and then so that is cool, and totally normal. we all grow closer to the spirit every day and more sensitive which is cool to see. ive learned not to stress about anything again just like i was back home. but i do feel more of a responsibility to work hard all day which i think will prove to be more difficult for me in the ccm than in the field because number one were sitting down in sleep prone positions (i havent fallen asleep in the day yet), and on tuesday those 3 districts that were left after everyone left went on a little field trip, and we got the chance to talk with people in a park in front of this beautiful cathedral, and i loved that and could do that all day. but its hard to get yourself to study all day. btw the ccm has about 150 missionaries in it not 55 like i thought so its quite busy. oh another cool thing about tuesday was we went to this giant 3-d map of guatemala made like 100 years ago, and it was so cool, and got us all so stoked to go to our areas. the ccm prez nicolaysen talked about the theory of why guatemala is supposed to be the BOM land, and i must say im now a believer in that theory. it doesnt matter but its just fun, interesting, and really cool. after that place we went to a market and i wanted to buy everything but i needed a backpack because i dont like my shoulder bag and they allow backpacks down here, and i needed shorts cause i only brought 3 pairs. so i found my backpack and native pant capri things and a handmade wooden flute that i couldnt pass up. i cant wait to send youi guys stuf. on the drive to those places we saw a serious contrast between the society here because the ccm is in the nicest part of the entire country, and then we saw insanely poor slums where the houses just seems to be numberless boxes (literally boxes, made from whatever they can find) stacked on top of each other on a hill. oh and also if anyone wants to send me something that they think id want to keep forever or read multiple times, please send a letter or dear elder message. honestly everything here is cool to me though. the bugs are different-we saw an awesome leaf bug on tuesday, the weather now is perfect, other than the hurricane that might hit guatemala. but moral is high, im happy, my companionship is great, the food is still killer and i worry that ill die when i leave here because i eat so much more than everyone else (seriously) and im just going to have to used to being hungrier than normal. i finally heard thunder accompany lightning the other day, which was cool. and the sky was clear, and then literally 2 minutes later it was covered in dark clouds, and the low clouds looked like they were going a hundred miles an hour and the clouds above were just swirling and then it started to heavily mist and then the clouds moved and it stopped. it was one of the coolest things ive ever seen. i love the central american people, i love missionaries, and my testimony here has grown so much in so little time which is awesome. im really really excited to leave the ccm because i feel a little trapped sometimes and like i said we are just sitting so much, but at the same time we have so many experiences here so often to strenghrten our testimonies. love your chapin, elder mcfadyen

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