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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 1 in first area

I have very little time left to write so ill send you a letter with whatever i miss! im in an area called piedra parada in the mountains south of guatemala city. the weather is amazingly perfect! it dumps rain! its so cool. and cause its the mountains its not hot...normally...yet. my companion is great, elder montenegro. the work in our area is difficult because the elders before us didnt really do anything, and there arent many members. but its great! we climb lots of hills and there is forest everywhere. thick thick forest. there is also dog poop everywhere and dogs. most of them dont bug us, but im going to start carrying cookies or something to lure the annoying dogs away so we can get to peoples houses. weve only got one progressing investigator, but we`ve got high hopes. its so crazy how good satan is at distracting people and blinding people. because without blinders and lies, im certain everyone would see how amazing this gospel is and join and remain faithful. we are working hard, but we need to work harder, talk to more people, etc. theres a sad amount of regular drunkards who say funny things a lot and only want to talk to us when their really drunk. got to go! love you!

elder mcfadyen

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