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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ryan's 2nd week in the field

So this week honestly was a lot better than the last, im starting to feel at home more. today we got to go get our visas and all of my old ccm pals were there. (almost my whole district) the work is starting to pick up in my area and i still havent written you guys a letter but ill try! i might just try to photo copy my diary because i just write EVERYTHING in there, and that takes up most or all the time i have at night to write. so ya, weve got a baptism planned for the 9th of noviembre, and have like 5 other investigators that i think will progress. the people here are very catholic or very evangelical for the most part. and there mindset also for the most part is that ive found what i like and believe it, but ill listen to you for a little bit because we believe in the same god right? so the trick is getting them to let us into their house which is actually pretty tricky. once we are we can bring the spirit to their hearts. which is what really converts as you all know.  we are trying to reactivate a good number of members, and we are always working. im really thankful to have such a good trainer. i am going to find a cord to download my pics because thatll be much easier than mailing an SD card. for anyoner planning on serving a mission, the only way to be happy serving everyday, all day, you just need to buckle down and always focus on how to bless others and work hard. thats my new missionary 2 cents. im not sure if that is true for everyone or is helpful, but that is how it is for me. and always strive to become a consecrated missionary. a seventy gave a talk about that and its very helpful. my ccm teacher gave us all a copy. i will send a letter! eventually! theres so much i need to do. like cut down some bamboo with a machete for various uses. (thats actually totally normal here--i love it) hope all is going well. my emails are getting shorter and shorter i know. sorry about that. im losing my will to type. but ive already filled a journal. so thats good. and im going to take more pictures. its hard, but i can do it. i guess all that i have left to say is that everyone around us in the states has so much to be grateful for. there are no excuses. families back home dont go to church because they dont want to. some people here dont go to church because they are ashamed to tell anyone they cant afford to pay the equivalent of a dollar total to take a bus to and from church. so be grateful. they can go. but its easier for those state siders. and be happy. if the people here can be happy with only the necessities of life and a 12 hour a day 7 day a week job, so can you. and i know we have different problems in the states, but you understand the point. btw this is not targeted at anyone and i am happy and proud of everyone. share the gospel! everyone NEEDS it. even if they dont know it. 
love elder mcfadyen

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